Problem with margins in Adobe

I have an HP LaserJet 5p, which does a fine job of printing onto 3x5 cards. The problem I have come up against is that when I use the DIY HPDA templates, the image is cut off at the top and left side. For example, in the 2005 yearly calendar, all of the months are fully displayed, but the "2005" at the top is cut off so that only the bottom half of "05" is visible.

Any suggestions? I just came across the HPDA idea today, and love it! I am a grad student who has made my own planner for years (never realizing there are others out there doing something similar), but have found it quite laborious. Plus, using index cards will give me a way to bring together research notes, lists of books/library call #s, and my calendar into one small packet...IF I can get the templates to print how they should.

I have wasted a lot of time today trying to get these to print correctly...if someone has encountered this problem and found a way around it I would love to know about the solution! I am really looking for a simple system that will not require huge inputs of time or effort, and if these templates would print, this would be PERFECT.

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LaserJet 5P Margins

My first question is, are you sure it's Adobe Acrobat and not the printer? Many printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper, and have margins up to 1/2". The 1-up index cards have about 1/4" margins (1/2" would leave very little room on the cards for writing), and this is why I also make 4-up versions, so one can print 4 cards to a page of regular card stock and then guillotine or cut. (In fact, this is what I personally do -- it generally only takes a few seconds per sheet.) Can any other applications print all the way to the edge? You might want to explore your printer dialog for a "print to edge" or "marginless printing" or "full bleed" option.

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