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Now that many DIYers have joined or are planning to join the cult of Circa (myself included), how about adding a Circa Article Topic to the list of topics in the upper left-hand corner of the DIY home page?

It's getting to be a pain to remember that Doug's Circa review posts are filed under Creativity or some such, when trying to acquaint friends with the DIY website and lure them into the cult of Circa and DIY...

I would not suggest this were it not for the lively ongoing discussion on Circa and its many apparent devotees, similar to GTD (another Article Topic).

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I second that

I think it's a great idea Kerowyn. There certainly are enough articles dedicated to the pros/cons and hacks for Circa/Rolla that it justifies it's own section, IMO.

You've got my support. I just wonder how much work it would be for the admin crew to go back through and reclassify the stuff already in the archives?

I never finish anyth

If only!

If the topics had been Circa-punched, then it would be trivial to just yank them out of their thread and snap them under the new topic. :-p

Great idea!

Having a circa dedicated forum would be great! It seems that a lot of the post I find most useful end up in threads that started on a totally different topic.