3x5 card help

The bottom is getting cut off. I have the margins set to 0 and it still cuts off the bottom and the top is waay too high. Any ideas?


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Similar problem

I've a similar problem when printing at A4 with my DJ9300 connected to my Mac laptop. Looks to me as if something has the wrong reproducable area for my 9300. Perhaps it's a similar (same) problem with your printer on 3x5 cards.

I have no idea

What you just said...LOL

I have a mac and am using preview and print with an HP.

Ok wait, I reread and I understand what you are saying. I even tried to put the margins at 0 all the way around. But it is like it is just leaving out the botton.. I may have to try card stock and go 4 up instead.


Not sure if you have a program like Adobe Illustrator to use... but I tend to just nudge things for print jobs when things won't follow the margin laws I make :)

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Page Setup....

Make sure you go into Page Setup, and have 3x5 chosen. You may need to create a custom page size. Also, some printers don't like the 3x5 size. I think of HP and Epson when I say that.

Once you are sure you have the 3x5 setup, make sure you have chosen to reduce the print to the page size turned on in the Print dialog. On my printer, it's "Paper handling" in the Print dialog. I always choose on that the page size, and make sure the "reduce to fit" it chosen. But again, I'm using a Canon Pixma printer. They seem to be very favorable to 3x5 cards...


My solution

My Canon i860 doesn't seem to like 3x5's, but it will work OK with 4x6. So I used a page setup (I'm a Mac user too) specifying 4x6 borderless portrait, and in the print setup (from Acrobat) made sure the one-up hPDA card was in the upper left corner of the 4x6 layout. I believe scaling and centering was turned off. Then when I fed 3x5 cards in, it printed them correctly. Sometimes, you gotta fool these machines to get them to work right. :-)


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Details, please

What kind of 'puter ? What OS ?
What software ?
What kind of printer ? Settings ?
et cetera
ad nauseum
ad infinitum
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What I have

Macbook OS X 10.4.9
I use the preview software that came with my mac
HP F380

I had to create an index card size and I made it 3x5 Portrait with no margins

Try Acrobat Reader

It does better printing than Preview - sometimes.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Maybe add a top margin?

If you added a top margin would that nudge the print down far enough to print where you want it?

If you have an inkjet can you set it to print borderless?

Check with your printer manual as there may be some physical 'just can't print there' limitations.

My cheapie laser printer (Brother HL-1435) cuts off maybe a half-milimeter on the sides when printing 3 x 5s. If it bothers me (depends on the template), I can always check the shrink to fit printer margins box.

I also have a little Canon i80 printer that does 3 x 5s beautifully, so I know some printers don't have any trouble.

Most printers...

Most printers have a margin (larger on the bottom than on the sides and top - usually about 1/2") that they physically cannot print. Are you sure yours is capable of printing that far down the page? If not, the 4-up works better.

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