New Job, New System?

A couple months ago I took an informal poll on what "system" you would use if you were to change jobs. Would you continue on your current path, or would you revert back to an "old friend"?

I start a new job in a month that will be much more complex than my current circumstances. My current convoluted Classic/Pocket/Moleskine/letter file/ Outlook Projects/notecard system requires frequent tweaking, something I won't have time for anymore.

As of today, I'm planning to return to my "old friend"....the Classic binder with GTD tabs, i.e. Projects, Waiting For, etc. Since I will have many more appointments, my Pocket month-at-a-glance calendar will no longer be large enough, so I will be using my Classic for calendaring too. I'm also looking at "sizing up" my Moleskine Cahiers from the pocket size to the classic for daily capture. Notecards will be for capturing ideas on the fly, or leaving notes for my staff. FC has nice Classic size "Compass Note Pads" (7 hole punched) that are bound & perforated at the top. I plan on using these as well.

Now the big question.....will my new employer support/finance my paper habit?


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Many CONGOS to you !!!!!!!!!!!

:D ::happy dances for Bob's new job::

So... is the interview I crossed appendages for?

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You May Uncross Now

Oops, I forgot to tell you to uncross your appendages Sara. Thanks for the good karma.



::phew!:: i was gettin sore... its not easy driving around with meh eyes crossed ;P

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Congratulations on the new job!

Good question about the employer financing on the planner habit. I'm slightly paranoid about that and tend to only ask my employer to buy things that I will only use at work. Post-It notes, things to hang up things in the office, plastic inbox tray, and a few pens. These are all things that stay on my desk at work.

As for stuff that I take home, even things that I *might* take home, I buy those myself. This includes my Circa addiction, hole punch, and binder to keep it all in.

This is what I've come to do, and what I've come to love about the Circa system. I have one main planner. All my notes, todo lists, project planning pages, brainstorms, etc go in there. This is home or work stuff, everything. I also have another notebook at work and a couple at home. Whenever I'm done with a page, I take it out of my main planner and put it in the proper notebook.

You may be able to duplicate such a setup with the Franklin Covey storage binders. As long as you're going with FC, you may want to ask if they offer any kind of employee discounts for your new organization. I'm lucky enough to work at a place that has such a deal going, so there are many people carrying around Franklin planners.

Another thing you might want to think about. If you're going to be using Outlook or something similar for scheduling at work, you may want to check out some of the FC software so anything in your computer can be duplicated in your planner by clicking "Print".

Once again, congratulations on the new job!


Years ago

I had a new employer who provided every new imployee with a DayTimer binder, fully stocked. It was the medium sized one. Before that I had been using whatever I could find on sale as I was still living off of grad school income. I was instantely addicted to DayTimer. The colors they used at the time were perfect for me - a pale yellowish cream paper with green lines and writing. There was no glare, the paper quality was great, I had a storage binder to keep used forms in, ahhhh..... the good old days. The forms were wonderful, the 2-page per day just what I needed for tracking my time in the 10 minute increments mandated by billable project work. Alas, DayTimer changed their colors, I changed jobs several times, and no system has ever been so perfect again.

Or Maybe...

...maybe I could make notecards work. My new office will have much more horizontal work surface than I've ever had before. Perhaps this might be a good time to buy some card bleachers from Levenger and some personalized 3 x 5 notecards, of course. And we can't forget the Morgan 3 x 5 Card Dispenser. Oh, and the five-color notecard refill for tracking different projects. And....

This is fun!


A little TOO fun. :-)

I'd love to find a way for my office to enable, er, "subsidize" my planning habits. I did find making a prototype system invaluable to deciding how I wanted to build my Rolla notebooks. I used what we have on-hand to make a basic system -- three-ring binders and tabs, supply boxes destined for recycling. Call this the "alpha" version planner. I'm now on the "beta" system: circa-bound cheap paper in Classic size, and 3x5s for walking around. One of the things I really like about rolling-my-own planner is that I'm free to chuck out bad ideas and explore new ones on the cheap without fear of being locked in to a form I dislike.

I'm only printing off forms in small batches now, just to see what I like, and I've already decided that I wanted graph paper in my planner so I can use it in landscape rings-on-top mode, and maybe less forms, hmmm... but I need better tabs... and so on. Since this is just a practice planner, I don't feel bad about scrapping sections that I dislike.

Except for buying the punch and discs, I haven't actually made any serious purchases for this addiction yet. I'll keep playing with inexpensive/quick variations until I find something I like/works for me, and if there's a cheap component to it (3x5 cards seem likely) then I'll talk to the supply manager about picking them up next time they order.