Difficulty in finding brightly colored index cards may lead to significant mental health problems

Okay, so I am SO hooked on the hipster thing that it's ... well let's not even go there. But here's my problem - I really like to color code my cards, using different colored cards for different topics. Now I know that if you look around, you can get unruled pastel 3 x 5 cards (yellow, green, blue, cherry, and - if you're really lucky - lavender). But I want brighter cards. So I found some bright ones at link.

But these come in packs including five different colors, and I only like two of the five. So I bought a couple of reams of bright cardstock and had the people at Kinko's cut them down into 3" x 5" pieces. That worked, except that now I have some 3" x 4.5" cards, some 3" x 5.5" cards, and so on (the accuracy of the cuts wasn't great and, let's face it, some of us hipster folks suffer from OCD).

So, I pose this question to you all:
Does anyone know a good source for brightly colored index cards?


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Inaccurate cuts should mean

Inaccurate cuts should mean a free re-do... you could invest in a paper cutter for yourself and take on the task while watching tele :)

I've seen a wide variety of colors at both Walgreens and Walmart in my area... :)

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you're right, but...

You're right - I should have complained. Still, I'd just as soon get them readymade. Now my Walmart etc. have colored cards, but they're all ruled. Is this the case for you as well?

i hate to keep saying it

i hate to keep saying it BUT... try contacting a local print shop. :o) I work at one and we are pretty much easy-going folk and will help out customers. (we mainly print blueprints). We have a ginormous cutter on site and can order paper in brilliant colors for pretty cheap... might be worth a try :)

And I can't say for sure but I think they were all ruled :(

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It Worked For Me

We have been using the same printer exclusively for years, so I didn't feel at all guilty asking if they had any cardstock they could spare. Last week when I picked up a print job, she also had quite a stack of notecards for me (FREE). The size is slightly smaller than 3 x 5, but that's ok. The paper is somewhat thicker than my Oxford cards, and that more than makes up for the size difference....not to mention the price.


Note: I guess I should have read the thread first. The cards I got were plain white, but I bet they would have given me color if I had asked.

you were very correct about the print shop idea

Sara - You were SO right. I decided to try it again. I bought three different reams of bright cardstock and took them to be cut. By spending a bit under $50, I ended up with 4,500 perfect index cards in my choice of colors. Life is good - thanks!


Since I work at one, I have learned just how much a print shop can actually do :D ... I wish I would have known about such a useful resource LONG before I started workin for one.

You may want to ask them to save scraps for you too... we get large sheets of paper and have to chop them down, usually leaving a good sized remainder... if I don't grab them, they usually just get recycled :o)

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Neon colors

I have quite a few neon colors (as in you have to squint if you look at them too long) in 3x5s, but they, too, are all lined. Sorry, but I don't have any brand names (they are in shrink wrap, but no company name anywhere). I also have a set of flourescent colored cards that are backed with a different color. One side has lines, the other doesn't, but the backing colors are often a bit too dark for regular ink or pencil. Those write-on-black pens/pencils would probably work well.

We have a combo art store/office supply store that often has items that aren't found in regular office supply stores. Maybe you have something similar in your area? I may also have gotten the above cards at either Staples or Office Max (the only two chains we have here), but their stock changes remarkably often, so I don't know if they would have them in stock or not.

Edited to add: If you don't mind using up inkjet ink, you could always print over the blank white 3-up index cards from companies like Avery. I've done that with faint background patterns and like them a lot.



I have only ever seen the neons in ruled. I like them too. I had the same problem with using up some colors faster than others..

I second the 'roll your own' suggestion. You can get a nice rotary cutter that will do about five sheets at a time for not a lot of money, and it will be lightweight, easy to use, and pre-marked with standard measures. A little more money will get you a cutter with a paper guide so you can make *exactly* the same cut over and over reliably. It doesn't take long and it does avoid getting unacceptable results from some high school weenie who doesn't care if he screws your stuff up.

I'm not using the neon cards anymore except for my back pocket jotter, which doesn't get a lot of use these days. But I cut my own planner pages (quarter letter) using the method above (no paper guide on my cutter).

It doesn't take long to cut a short stack, and the cutter is so convenient because it's super light. My cutter will do 10 sheets of 20lb stock in one pass, and I don't worry about my kids slicing themselves because you have to be reasonably coordinated in your motions to cut anything with it. That is to say, you have to be cutting on purpose.

Another advantage to this method is that you can get five 3x5s out of a letter sheet, with rectangular scraps you can use for a fobster if you want. And they're all the exact color you require, because you picked it out yourself.


I keep telling you... Google is your friend !!


UPDATE...And you might find this link helpful as well.
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Glow & Extreme :D

Thanks, ygor.

Both the Oxford Glow and Extreme are the ones I was talking about. The Glow cards come in both multi-color packs and single-color packs (well, the catalog only lists Pink, but I have two packs in Green). I've only see the Extreme ones in multi-color.