Economist Diaries, have you seen one?

I have been using a Moleskine for the past 6 months, with great effect. As a reader of The Economist, I recently noticed that they sell some very classy looking and expensive diaries. They have something that looks like a moleskine for ~40$. The website has very little information and pictures. Has anyone out there ever used one?

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Letts Timeplan...

I think you will find the diaries are made by Letts and more than likely just have fancy bindings and some rhetoric to satisfy the most ardent Economist. I used to use the Timeplan/Filofax insert before switching to a PDA and found it admirable. If you are after something Moleskine like go to an good stationers and ask to view the Letts 'Natural' diaries. A6, rounded corners, available in black, has a piece of elastic to keep it shut and aledgedly used by none other than the Count De Monte Cristo for keeping his appointment with destiny :O

Sardonios the Festive