Greetings, this site has been a real time waster! I've enjoyed looking through the articles and learning how to print the calendars. That was a challenge!

Article suggestions:
1. How about articles on the reasoning behind some of the designs. For example, how are the project pages designed to be used?

2. More about using OpenOffice for layout.

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Good suggestions

Certain cards have will have posts dedicated to their uses (for example, this is something Sacha has written about), and there are also a few bits in the documents/advice section. Tomorrow's post on setting up a Hipster PDA will go over the uses of many of the GTD-related cards. And don't forget to check out the Handbook for fairly detailed descriptions of the forms and some usage advice (for the Classic size and up).

As for layout, I'm all for that. I've published a few posts under the Workshop category on the topic, and you'll also find a budding section under the D*I*Y Planner kits called Design Your Own D*I*Y Planner Templates. I suspect that as the Widget Kit improves, we'll be adding more documentation and help in using it. In the meantime, post any questions you might have in the forums (under Template Requests and Design), and I'll try my best to answer them. (We also have a template designer's guide forthcoming, but it might be a while yet.)

all my best,