DIY Hipster PDA pierced edition?

Hi there. I am looking to make a pierced Hipster using the DIY templets, but I am a little worried about not cutting holes in any imporant info on the templets, and also allowing enough of a non-cramped UI to write properly on said PDA. Given that I have not actually pierced any printed templets yet, I don't know if that would work. So, I though of leaving a small "tag" from the top side of each card when cutting them, (I'll be using the 4-up version), but then realized that wouldn't work given the layout of the cards when printed. Help?

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This is the person above,

This is the person above, though you'll have to take my word on it.
D'oh! I had kind of considered the graphics version somewher in the back of my head, but wanted an easy solution. Any sugestions for layout software?

Layout Software

If you already have (and know) some DTP or illustration software, like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Freehand, MS Publisher, or InDesign, by all means -- go use that.

If you don't have any, or aren't up to taking on a big learning curve, I'd recommend the Draw application in the Office Suite. Free to download and easy to use (well, compared to most of the alternatives): that's a combination that's hard to beat. Plus, if you find you want to make your own templates, it's a quick step to download the OOo Widget Kit.

all my best,

Use defined margins

My printer driver lets me define custom paper size. I created two custom pages - each 3x5 with enlarged left/right margins for odd/even pages.

Then, using Acrobat to print, I tell it to scale to the page.

Works for me.