Hello - from another new member

Hi everyone!

I found this site just yesterday - while googling for something completely different. What a lucky find!

I am a mainframe software developer, who is NOT natually organized. I work in a project-centric organization, where it is possible to have one or two large, and half a dozen small projects underway at the same time.

A few years ago, I got my first PDA, and I'd never be without one again. There are some things, though, that they just don't do as well as paper, so I also have a set of Circa notebooks - a letter size leather foldover one that is my project center, a junior translucent that travels with me to meetings, and contains my to-do list, and the newest, a translucent compact that can go anywhere with me.

I like some of the Levenger forms, but not all, and there are some that I'd like that they just don't have. I found everything I was wishing for here, though!

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Welcome Aboard~! my artwork

Welcome Aboard~!

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Hi Patricia

I think Serendipitous finds are far more fun than searches, especially if one is on a beach... :)