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I know that recommending a computer-based TO DO list is anti-the paper first spirit of this list, but, well, sometimes there are exceptions.

I'm actually pretty well organized these days except I continue to struggle with tasks that are non-routine and non-deadline. Not the day to day stuff -- 'all' you have to is ingrain that stuff as a habit. Weekly stuff I mostly deal with too.

My problem is tasks that come due only every few months or even just once a year. Like updating the freezer inventory or cleaning lint out of the dryer hose or getting the blade on the lawn mower replaced or sharpened or triaging your reference files to get rid of obsolete stuff so you have room for the stuff in your 'to file' box....

I installed a freebie calendar program called "Rainlendar", and set it to show the TO DO list on screen at bootup. Then I assigned all the non-weekly tasks a start day and the proper recurrence intervals. Now, whenever I boot my home computer -- which is almost always for 'fun' things, the first thing I see is the list of tasks, and it's hard for even me to tell myself that I'm 'too busy right now' to put last year's vacation photos into the album when all I'm geting set to do is surf the web or play Zuma.

I've only had the program for three weeks, and I've already knocked off over two dozen tasks that had been hanging around in that 'oh, yeah, gotta do that....someday' limbo.

What's shocking is how little time it actually takes to do most of the things, chores I've put off for years in some cases. Like going through 20 years worth of cancelled checks to keep the few that matter and shred the rest. 20 years of checks -- it took me two hours as I 'watched' American Idol.

I still keep most of To Do list on paper, for things done outside the house or at work, but I'm really liking the results of having the automatic nagging effect of that on-screen list.

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Its always great to hear about successful combos (analog/digital) that work for an individual... chances are your needs are similar to someone elses and you may have just provided the missing piece to their puzzle.

Is "Rainlendar" freeware? Do you have a link? :o)

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Yes, it's free.

I got it from www.rainlendar.net

BTW, it also does 'event' type scheduling, but I haven't look at that, all I wanted was a decent To Do list manager.