Request for Hipster PDA 3.0 Template Ideas

Things seem to have solidified, design-wise, in the creep towards the 3.0 packages (it seems much more complicated nowadays, with so many sizes and formats), and I'm constructing a master list of those templates I want to see included. So far I'm fairly confident about the larger sizes, but I'd like to know what you folks would like to see in the Hipster PDA Edition 3.0.

If you have ideas or requests, please leave them as comments in this thread. I know there are plenty of ideas in other forum and article posts, but I want to look at this forum thread as the official "gathering place" for the 3.0 edition requests, so please don't worry about submitting your idea again.

Tell me what sort of form would make your life easier, and the sort of use you envision for it, and I'll try my best to slot it into production. Bonus points for thinking up the fields you'd like to see included on the template.


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Oh my, the first comment

Oh my, the first comment goes to me. Ahem, well, to get the ball rolling, how about a some sort of template to help identify people, for those of us with terrible face/name recognition. Maybe something with space for the person's name, job title/description and physical characteristics, as well as important information. If you have 10 or 15 seconds, you can flip through and pull the person's name out of hat. No, really, I'm serious. First time ever. I can't remember who the hell I'm talking to and it's really embarassing. My brother used this method in Africa, to help remember who he was talking to, but there was a certain amount of cross-cultural subterfuge. He'd pretend he was looking for a map or something and then flip through his book, looking for the person's name. Of course, their names were a little trickier and he was speaking swahili, but I think the principle is sound.

There, the only practical suggestion I'll ever give on this site, honest. Wow, I feel all tight in the chestal area:(

Steve Sharam


Who are you and what have you done with the real Steve? :)


I've turned a corner, I

I've turned a corner, I really have. This whole coming up with realistic sensible ideas thing is something else. I plan to do it at least once a week now:)
"It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err."
Mahatma Gandhi

Steve Sharam

Remembering People

Ah, like perhaps a space for drawing the face (using your 133t storyboarding skills, as mentioned on LifeHacker ;-) ), and a series of descriptive items like:

  • oversized proboscis
  • tuna breath
  • perpetual bedhead
  • strange cologne, reminiscent of the deer urine that hunters use
  • picks nose when he thinks no one's looking

Faced with such a person again, you could flip through your cards till you find him. Just hope he doesn't want to see his card.


Douglas, I believe you're

Douglas, I believe you're being sarcastic. You're mean:(

Steve Sharam


Nope, it was a good idea, my friend.

Figuring out the sort of things that would go on such a form, though, is a bit of a challenge. Perhaps a space for mnemonics of some sort?


3-up hipster templates


I just discovered Great site!

I am quite intrigued by the hipster templates. One thing I'd like to request, if I may be so bold, is a 3-up version. The only inkjet/laserjet printer index cards that I have been able to find are the 3-up variety by companies like Avery and Oxford. Or if you could point me to a source for 4-up printable index cards, that would be great too.

I would also like to see a check register variation on the Finances form.

Keep up the good work!

3-up cards

I can't say I've ever seen such a beast as a 3-up preforated form in my travels, but this is one reason why I release all the hPDA cards in PNG file formats. Call up your application that you use for layout (Word, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc.) and import the card graphics you want. Rotate them to fit the little boxes, and all should be well for printing. In theory, at least.

I tend to stay away from preforated forms myself because of the cost. You may find that you can purchase a large package of some good generic letter-sized (or A4) card stock and a guillotine for the price of a few slim packages of Avery stock (use my 4-up version to print), and you'll get many, many times the cards for the cost. You can save a bundle over the long run, and you won't have to import and rotate all the cards yourself. With a bit of practice, the cutting of 4 cards can be done in about 15 seconds (careful of your fingers!).

As for the check register, that's a good idea, methinks. I'll look into it.

all my best,

Card stock

What weight card stock do you use/recommend? I've seen 65/67 lb, as well as 90 lb and 110 lb.

Preferred card stock, and saving money

You can do a search on the site for threads about this, but my preferred stock for doing 4-up printing is Georgia-Pacific bright white 110lb card stock. Here at the local Wal*Mart, it's 150 sheets (and therefore 600 cards) at about $4.50-5.00 USD. Because it's coated on both sides, it also takes ink really well, both printer and Pilot G2.

Figuring in the cost of inkjet ink (make sure you're forcing greyscale, not using colour cartridge, and selecting "regular paper"), I'm guessing it would be a little over a cent a card in USD, which is actually pretty fabulous, cost-wise. The only initial up-front investment is a decent paper trimmer/guillotine ($40-60 USD), if you don't already have access to one, and you'll find that useful for a million other things.

all my best,


Project lists

I don't use the existing project templates (one project per page) not that much. Only for bigger projects where I need to write some of the future tasks down instantly). For smaller projects I'd prefer a simple list with one or two lines for each project. I actually made them myself with Illustrator, but haven't published them yet.

Cheers, Mathias

Could you use inkscape?

Could you please create them in Inkscape? The reasoning being that they can be distributed as SVG (scalable vector graphic) templates. SVG is an open XML based standard for graphical information. An immediate bonus would be that one template should scale to all paper sizes.

It would allow me run the SVG template through an XSLT transform with my planning data. I can then generate my personal up to date SVN files. I can print the SVG's or edit them again in inkscape.

If each page type could be an individual template, then i could also create my personal page packs from them. I for example i could create a double sided a4 template that i could just transform, print, fold and put in my shirt pocket.

Inkscape Version?

I'm eagerly anticipating important and export functions for SVG in OOo2. Then, theoretically, it'll be much easier to use multiple applications. Till then, I think the emphasis will slowly move away from Illustrator and more to OOo Draw.

Inkscape isn't a near-term possibility, I don't think, seeing that most of our needs are now satisfied by the free and cross-platform OOo Draw. It's hard enough to maintain so many versions and formats of the hundreds of templates without yet another yummy distraction. ;-) However, once a nice solid 1.0 version of Inkscape is released, and it runs well on my Macs, expect at least a Widget Kit or two. (I'm thinking this might be a while, though.)

In the meantime, have you checked out Chris's SVG Planner?

all my best,

Yep, started hacking on them

Yep, started hacking on them a while ago, but have gotten distracted. Was tinkering of using planner-muse-xml + SVN + command line ImageMagic to create ToDo pages. I have some prototypes of a more scalable version of his template somewhere.

IIRC inkscape can read OOd files, and i just found a tool to allow inkscape to read Illustrator files. Its a converter from illustrator to svg called illsvg.

If you have the time or inclination to do a conversion, I'd be very interested in a copy of the any converted results to play with.

Not that it helps right now,

Not that it helps right now, but as far as programmatically generating customized cards goes, OOo Draw format (.odg) is just as good as SVG. Both are XML, and pretty easily manipulated. (Actually, the Draw format uses several svg elements.) .odg, like SVG, is a relatively simple declarative schema, and is well suited to programmatic manipulation. In any case, OOo SVG import/export is coming along, so the two may soon be functionally synonymous. Now if we can just get out of Illustrator and into you can't do ANYTHING programmatically on a .ai file. (Trust me, I've tried. My brain still hurts.)

(N.B., this isn't just theoretical; I spent some time yesterday rejiggering a little script to create custom sheets of hPDA cards, with configurable margins, positioning, duplex pairing, etc. for a project I am working on, inspired by the Exoskeleton Hipster.)

But whatever it is, any manipulable format of v3 would be much appreciated. I tried programmatic manipulation of the PDF files, and all I got was a headache. :-/


Brain Dump

As I continue to work on my templates the one that I can't quite put my finger on is the Brain Dump sheet. Ideas proliferate onto one sheet for inbox processing to others.. but right now I just use a blank card over and over for this when maybe there could be some additional method of processing. As it stands most of my cards are multifunctional depending on what meta-boxes get checked off thus changing the cards meaning.

*goes back to sipping coffee*

you might want to change the

you might want to change the title though.. it sounds just a little.. um... disgusting. but to be fair no worse than doug's response to steve.

I can see where Steve's coming from because there is nothing more embarrassing than forgetting people's names while they are waiting for an introduction, but wouldn't that make for a very big hipster?


True that

Jenny, true that, but my planner's already divided into two anyway (practical and creative), so maybe I'll make a cute little hipster for remembering people's faces and names.
And yes, Doug is mean. So mean:( *sniff*

Steve Sharam

Other short-project ideas

I've started using the "classic" D*I*Y 2.0 "Important Numbers" pages (with four areas per page) for projects. There's a line on top of each area for a quick project title or summary, and then a group of lines underneath for a good description of the "successful outcome" for us GTDers. Maybe something similar would work for HPDA users.


"Generic" cards

That brings up a good point. The Notes, Checklist, Matrix, etc. forms tend to be flexible enough to be used for many different purposes. One like the Important Numbers (sans the title) would also prove handy, I think, as would a four-block chart. Anyone have any ideas for other generic forms that could be used for many different uses?


I think pretty much all your

I think pretty much all your cards could work well without a title.
Finances can be used for Job tracking (Just change the "cash, debit, credit, and check" to A, B, C, & D) - I used the Finances template this way before the more recent job tracking template came out. Now I use the Matrix or the Franklin List of Virtues (or a blank piece of graph paper).

Weekly Planning and Storybording are very similar - one's lined, one's not. Making Weekly Planning more generic (no title, no days) would make for an interesting notes page.

Admittedly I use your templates more for inspiration than anything else. And after a visit to your site - I am very inspired. :)

Keep up the great work.

I'd love to see a job

I'd love to see a job tracking template with


Start Time - End Time - Task done; maybe as a matrix

I have appointments at several customers and not always access to a PC and a job tracking application. Some tasks I do for my customers are billed on a Job-basis, some on a monthly hour agreement. For example: I have agreed to update an inhouse publication for a pre-defined fee, like 500 $. I do this at the customer's place. When working on this, he dashes in and asks me to write a press release. No pre-defined fee for that but it adds up on the monthly agreement of working like ten hours for him for whatever happens. I have to keep these separate for final billing. I'm not a native speaker - hope I made myself clear.

Imagination is intelligence having fun!

Job Tracker

Jester, your English is perfectly fine. :-)

As for the card, have you seen the hPDA Job Tracker Card yet? If so, what modifications would you suggest?

all my best,


Doug, sorry for not getting

Doug, sorry for not getting to this earlier.

Yes, I know the hPDA Job Tracker Card but it doesn't really fit my needs. The top section is quite fine, but the list part isn't. I'd rather need four columns:

Date - Start Time - End Time - Job Description

in order to track all the tasks I have to do.


Imagination is intelligence having fun!

I'm currently trying to

I'm currently trying to create this myself with the OOwidgetKit. When satisfied and tested I'm going to post it in the templates section.


Imagination is intelligence having fun!

It would be really useful to

It would be really useful to have a version of the landscape-oriented 2 page monthly calendar with the week starting on Monday.

Definitely need....

I would absolutely love it if all of the add-ons and templates came in a graphical format (jpg or gif or png or whatever) so I could edit them and what-not. It also makes it easier to squish or stretch it into a different size.

I would also like more diet/exercise/health things -- I'm working on a set of body-for-life add-ons and another calorie/exercise counter.

Graphics, health cards

Most of the hPDA templates do come in graphics versions (they're the ones with the "" endings), which are high-resolution PNG files. Unless I provide the source --which you can modify and use however you want-- I try to make this part of my releases, along with 1-up and 4-up versions.

As for the health/diet cards, I'm all for that. However, I don't really know enough about the topic to feel comfortable creating the templates. If you (or anybody else) wants to help me with the various fields and subjects to include, please feel free to contact me, and we can work on making a nice little set of them for the next release. I'm afraid I need a little help with this subject.

all my best,

Thanks, found the images!

Thanks, found the images! ^_^ I was also hoping that when more add-ons come out, they would have a graphic file as well as pdf available. Thanks! I really enjoy using your planners!


Hey Doug.
A medical reference one could include 4 sections

[[Front page]]
Section 1 - Identity:
-Date of Birth
-Next of Kin

Section 2 - Allergies
(leave lined section)

[[Back page]]
Section 1 - Medical Conditions
(leave lined section)

Section 2 - Medications
(leave lined section)

If you'd like any more suggestions, I'd be happy to help, considering how much this site has helped me.

Template Ideas

I came to this site looking for ways to put more structure into my life. I've found plenty of great ideas that I'm trying out. I've adapted and made up a few templates that seem to fit some of the requests.

Tasks Step-by-Step -- I use this for multi-step activities that don't have the status of projects, but are just sequences. I divided a page into quadrants. Each section has a space for the name of the activity and lines with check boxes to list steps. My page size is 4"x6", so 4 sections seemed a good fit.

Weekly Calendar -- I wanted a more free-form planner for the week. Again I made a page of quadrants, and list in each box recurring tasks, such as "Water Plants, Take out Trash," etc. There is space to write in items.

Upload -- This template I think is sort of the idea of the "Brain Dump" form. The page has five lined sections to scrawl notes, and at the bottom of each in tiny letters I have a list of where the item goes and what it is: "circa computer pda writing / url fact idea event book movie" Also includes a check box to show it was handled. The template could also be called something like "Transcribe" or "Transfer." I have not actually used this yet, as a blank piece of paper always seems more handy, but the theory is there.

Another template I made up that some may find useful is my "Thought Gatherer." Spaces are labeled "To," "Target date," "Regarding," "Message." A lined section is for "Points," and the rest, including the back, is for the text. Originally it started life as "Letter Draft," until I realized it could be used for many other things: pull together ideas for an agenda item before a meeting, things you want to ask your doctor at your next appointment, what you want to bring up at a parent-teacher conference, marshal arguments for that call-in talk show, what you want to tell a friend whom you haven't seen for a while.

I've also made some templates for writing. Now I need to spend less time figuring out how to record what I need to do, and actually do it.

Divider Cards

How about some standard divider cards? In my hipster, I use divider cards with little tabs (printed with a labeler) for seperating the different areas. It would be cool to have some with the DIY DNA. I use the following divider cards.
Next Actions
Project Lists
Project Backup

Another Template Idea

First, hello and thanks for all the templates.

Since you're looking for ideas, how about a spreadsheet in landscape mode? First column fairly wide, second quite narrow, the rest (maybe a dozen+ total) in-between. Or something like that. Title at the top, then the first row lightly shaded, perhaps, as the header row. Classic size please. It might not make sense smaller sizes, anyway.

The idea would be to use it for impromptu, structured lists.


Matrix form

If you look through the D*I*Y Planner 2 Classic size templates, I think you'll find it. It's called the Matrix form, and there's both portrait and landscape versions.

A slightly different version, with shaded rows, will find its way into v3.

all my best,

Hi, Doug, thanks for the

Hi, Doug, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I did find the matrix forms. They're almost what I was looking for. The only difference I'd make is more, narrower columns. Having 13 total columns would let me have one column per month, plus a column for row labels. I've fiddled with OO.o Draw, and if I get something I like, I'll send it along to you. Right now I'm experimenting with one wide column at the left, and then six pairs of narrow columns, each pair as wide as the first single. The pairs are separated by vertical lines, and the two in the pair separated by shading in one. That way, I can have either 7 columns, 13, or anything in between.


Diabetes tracker

I'm just starting to use the HPDA -- as a type II diabetic trying to maintain tight control, I test my glucose levels 3 or more times a day. My meters keep records of my levels for the past few weeks, but since I use two different meters manufactured by two different companies, I use a spreadsheet to look at my data.

Or I did, when I bothered to keep it. Now that I'll be carrying the HPDA, it'll be easy to record the numbers anywhere I am. The existing columned template could do this, but since we're dreaming here.... Columns for each day, rows for times and readings is what I had in mind.


As a recently-diagnosed type II diabetic, I was working on a form myself! I'd love to see one for this...


Perhaps this goes against the template idea - a structured form to assist notation in various ways - but there are reference items that I use over and over again. A tip calculator. Basic conversions, math formulas. What I've been using is pages from and that's certainly functional, but seems like there's a niche here for such items.

And a suggestion out of left field: a knitting needle guide. So when I got to the store I know what needles I already own.

Artists could use something

Artists could use something like that to keep track of colours. I have made good use the "to buy" sheets in my classic planner though, because there will always be more supplies on my wish list and difficult choices to make. I tend to use blank index cards and transfer the information to the classic planner once I've made initial choices.

I'm still looking forward to the pages to record work/copywork/date sold, shipped, owners etc, and another to record work (bodies and individual pieces, concepts etc) in progress. This is something that would be invaluable to me over the years...




I think I cut off my attempt to post. You may see a partial attempt. Sorry!
Ok, European, Canadian, Metric or US sizes? Circular, Double-pointed or Straight needles? That is a lot of info for a 3x5 card.
I think it is a great idea, though! I also think you will wind up with at least two cards. I'm thinking more on the layout. Any other info needed?

Is there a template for writers

Is there a template for someone attempting to write a novel? I thought I saw one with storylines, character descriptions, etc.


I believe that this is what you are looking for:

2 page per week hPDA

I recently migrated from the classic size to an hPDA. One thing I miss is the 2page per week template

What about contact info for individual projects

This idea is a bit influenced by film, where you have individual project binders for each project, with contact data, and all other project info in one place. I'm finding that my phone log/contact info pages are ending up like this (old dog, new tricks, I guess) and I wonder if it might be helpful to have somewhere at the top of the important numbers page where you could write what the numbers are connected to (IN-personal, IN-work, IN-project A, In-Project, blah, blah, you get the idea). I realise of course that I could just write this in myself, but I wouldn't want you to get bored;)

Steve Sharam

Need Title at Bottom of Cards

I use the Scan Plan Flip Index Card System, especially their Minipak . So I need the layouts for the 3x5's to be horizontal with the title at the bottm of the card. (By the way, the above site has some good ideas for using index cards.)

What I need are forms for "Home Executives" (a D.I.Y Home Executive Planner Pack?) Flylady's daily routines, Cleaning zones, etc. Also forms menu planning, pantry and freezer inventories, shopping lists, healthcare records for each family member, wardrobe; chore charts and student schedules for the kids, storage inventory, price comparision; books, music, software, dvd, video tape inventory lists; home owner care charts: what color paint was used, tile design, etc.; travel...packing lists, etc.

That's just what I can think of at the top of my head...

I just recently found your great site and appreciate the effort you've put out!

Flylady Hipster

Scrapbunny has made her own set of FLYlady hipster forms for use. You can find them at I know that various other users have made some forms for healthcare and shopping lists, that you could find either in the templates directory or via the search engine our drupal site has.

If you don't find a form that suits your needs... might i suggest you use a matrix form for some of your health care, shopping lists, and maybe home and auto cares? All you need to do is add the name of what you are tracking to the top of the form and then list the items to track down the left side and whatever "date" you need to have track them across the top.

Or something similar... these are just some ideas off the top of my head.

Thanks for letting us know what you want in a hipster.

Please make the graphic

Please make the graphic version full bleed ( no margins ). I have a HP printer with .22in margins and it's a pain to get these pages printed ( if at all ). If I print them from OS X preview they cut off the edges oh so slightly. If I take and graphics versions and print them I end up with almost .5in in border because it's bordering the border on the card already. Having a full bleed version of the graphics would make it possible to print on a printer with strange margins, in fact having the PDF full bleed would also be nice as well since people could use that version with "resize image to page" on Adobe Reader and get perfect prints the first time.

What I'd like to see is a

What I'd like to see is a ONE page a month on 3x5. Version 2 seems to only have 2 pages per month. I'd gladly give up the notes field at the bottom to just get 5 rows of weeks on a single page/template.

I just found you guys yesterday and boy am I having fun now!!

personal/compact size pages

3.0 in 3.75" x 6.75" pages would be incredibly wonderful!!!

DIY planner contact card

Having for the third time in a fortnight written out the details for DIY planner, 43 folders, 37 signals & lifehacker on a card to give to someone who asked "where can I get one of those/ how are you so organised?" can I request a card for this purpose please? I'll double-side it with one of the GTD cheat-sheets and then I'll be set.

If not, I'm thinking of rewriting my business card, because I'm spending more time giving out your details than mine!

Good suggestion

You know, I've never really thought of such a thing. That *is* a good way of spreading the word, and saving some of our treasured users a bit of time.

Thanks for the idea, Thalia!

all my best,

It's not really a card, but

It's not really a card, but a web banner or DIY approved button would be nice too. Heck - I'd add it to my website. :)


Knitting (and crocheting)

Knitting (and crocheting) templates would be lovely--and I would be happy to help! :) Just email me.

Needles owned, current projects w/details, shopping list, pattern organization, websites, etc.

Knitting and Crocheting

I crochet and just recently learned to knit. Now, I have no idea of what tools I own in either category. I do have Denise interchangeable needles, and love them. So, I have not fretted about not knowing.
I should know and I think it would be nice to keep a count. Someone else requested a template for tracking needles, but never said what sizes (US, Canada, UK, etc.) or whether or not she wanted to track straight, circs, or dpns. What are you thinking? Additionally, with the other information you are wanting to track, what size paper are you thinking of? Still on board with 3x5? I think this could be a great collaboration. It's late now, and been a long day. Will look forward to your reply.

Erm, knitting... something I know nothing about, although I did take up crochet for a week when I was ten. Then I went back to collecting spiders.

Perhaps you two could touch base, and come to me with specific requests for templates, like the exact layout?

Assume I'm completely ignorant of many things, and you'll probably not be far from the truth.

all my best,

Titles on Bottom

I've used the Hipster templates for a couple of months and find them very useful (nice looking, too).

Since I use a binder clip at the top corner of the cards, it is sometimes difficult to see the titles at the top. I would love to see a blank card, lined card, and checklist that have space at the bottom to write a title.

Thanks for all of your work.

Landscape Note cards?


I have just migrated to the Hipster from a Sony CLIE, as well as using index cards for writing. So far, so great! It's amazing what you can do with low-tech...

I would love to have landscape note cards. I can also use the lined blank sheets or Matrix cards, but then I wouldn't have the spiffy DTP elements like the title 'Notes' and the B&W bar.


Active Perscriptions & the Workout Tracking Form


I know both have been covered before.
But ...

Active Perscriptions should be prominent and structured. Not long ago I went through and threw out all my old medications and added a list of what I was taking to my wallet. It's also in my planner (in the important information section), but I figure the more places you can have this info - the better.

Workout Tracking form
There's lots of styles out there. I recently joined HyperStrike. Their workout tracking form looks really nice. But having a more generic weight tracking form would be a nice addition.

My 2 cents.

trip diary

i have every template imaginable that may be compatible with mine or my girlfiends planner. i went into my pdf stocklist ot see if i could dig out a trip diary that i could carry in the car A5 is a bit to big.
trip diary hpda is my request / suggestion