DIY Drylighter

I finally found a drylighter that I like. And it's been right under my nose for years. My kids use them all the time....Crayola Crayons. I've been using them for highlighting for about two weeks now, and love them! No ink smearing, no marker ink on my fingers. It's great!

It just reinforces the notion that everything I need to know about life, I've learned in kindergarten.


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Love it !!!

... and I can highlight in any of a few hundred colors !!

But keep the notes out of direct sunlight !
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It doesn't require direct sunlight

To melt one in a car in the south. Trust me. We found some under car seats.

Colored pencils only now!

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"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

direct sunlight

That is so true!!!

Sounds like the pencils are the way to go, then

Unless you can find inexpensive colored refills for a mechanical pencils, the Twistable pencils may be your safest bet in warmer climates.

now i can go shopping guilt free

Thank you so much! I have been wanting to buy those for so long now but with no excuse! I have 4 kids and have been tempted to use them as an excuse but then didn't have an excuse on why I wouldn't let them use them LOL now I can buy them with no guilt since I only have 1 (that's right) highlighter.

: o

Only one highlighter? ohmygosh hun ... splurge!!! I saw some highlighter/pen combos recently that looked very nice.

Seriously, I have every color highlighter available in the sanford line :( I'm sick lol.

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well since I have permission...

I know, I try really hard not to give in to my temptations. I also want all the colors of the new sharpie line but cannot find a good excuse for that either... anyone have ideas??


Have a "pamper me" party for yourself. I try to (about once a month) do something nice for myself. In today's society there is a lot of pressure on an individual to do nice things for others... its important not to loose track of your own wants, desires, etc.

Do it because you want to... because it would make you happy :D

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No guilt required

JoAnn's had them on clearance, so I bought a 12-pack of the pencils. Now I just need something to highlight. ;-)

They are Great!

I bought Twistable pencils And Twistable crayons. I use the former for small text and my hPDA and the latter for bigger text and general highlighting. I love them. Thank you so much for this tip!

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Sounds like a good use for their "Twistables" line

These products always seemed odd to me (think crayon in a twist-up plastic sheath) but it would be a good deal more durable than tossing a regular old crayon in a planner pocket, and less likely to drylight where you didn't want it to go (inside said planner, for instance.) They also come in "erasable"

Great idea!

Exactly right

I've been using the Twistables as highlighters for a couple months now. They work great and the crayon part can be twisted below level of the plastic holder so it doesn’t write on anything until you want it to. I also like the colors and the price.

i second twistables

i love the twistables crayons. I have a set myself and i agree. they're great for doodling or coloring things. I love that i can always keep a sharp tip. the plastic case they come in means i can take it where ever i go and the box will never die.

perfect for going camping with. :)


Very Cool

I've never heard of Twistables, but now they are on my "must have" list. I imagine they sell them anyplace that school supplies are sold. I can't bring myself to order crayons on-line.


more twistables info


yes you can find them anywhere that sells crayola. i have a 25 pack, but i've seen smaller sets.

Dick Blick sells a set too. This is their product page and it has a good shot of what a small pack of twistables looks like.



I got mine at Staples. In Canada, they also have knock-offs that way cheaper and just as good I find now.

Which size is best?

Which is best for highlighting do you think? The pencil version or the crayon version? Erasables or what I guess is 'regular'?

LOL I already have four different brands of pencils/markers. Do I need more? Of course not. Will I get more? Do you need to ask? :D

re highlighter twistables

not sure which type of twistables would make good highlighters. i just use mine for coloring and doodling. :)

i'm not sure the erasable ones would be kind to normal paperback paper tho. i remember in college... that every time i tried to erase pencil from a book it took a bit of the print with it.

but who knows, things could have changed since then.


Prismacolor pencils, too.

I've used a Prismacolor yellow pencil for a long time for a dry highlighter. I started using it after a dry highlighter that I'd bought crumbled and kept leaving chunks of itself on the text. I also like the narrow line of the pencil.

The twistables sound neat, though. I guess I'll have to add them to my (very long) check-it-out list. :D (I do love the write on black ones they have.)

Thanks for the reminder of alternate supplies. I always like knowing different ways of doing something.

Staedtler Textsufer Dry

I've been using them for years. They don't smear printer ink and they are ereaseable. You get them in the ordinary text marker colours. I use yellow for important stuff, orange for super important stuff.



Staedtler is a good brand, but it isn't easy to find in the USA.

I've got some rollerball pens that I found at Staples. In the past I've had some mechanical pencils, too.