Circa rings

A while back, I purchased 1" Silver Circa rings. The pages seemed to stick when I turned them. I wasn't sure if it was because of the size of the rings or the finish on those. After putting up with them for a bit, I complained and got a pack of 3/4" black rings at no cost to me (thanks again Ryan for proving how good Levenger's customer service and their guarantee is!)

It didn't take me long to realize that there's too much stuff I like to have with me. I can't fit it all on 3/4" rings. So this free shipping on Circa products deal came up and I got a couple more Junior size covers, classic size dividers and 1" black rings.

The evening my package came, I moved my primary notebook/planner onto the 1" black rings. The difference is amazing. It feels like a spiral-bound notebook (like it should). The first thing I noticed once I transfered everything onto the new rings: when I have the notebook in the Dayrunner binder... If I used the Silver rings, I had to close the Circa notebook then close the binder. If I had it laying open and closed the binder, the notebook wouldn't close properly. With the black rings, I can close the binder and the notebook closes smoothly too.

Levenger's customer service is awesome and all their products are great, except for the larger silver Circa rings. The sampler I got had 1/2" Silver rings, which seem to be OK.

I need more colors... I have 5 Circa notebooks with black rings. Any chance of free shipping on Circa products for the 4th of July? Father's Day?


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Circa rings/discs

You're making me wonder if I should have gotten the black 1 1/2" discs instead of the silver ones.

My planned use is to use them to make a copy of our church's Hymnal keyed for B-flat clarinet. The pages will definitely need to be easily turned.

Wish I had seen this last week!

Black rings are much better

I purchased the 1 1/2" rings a few weeks ago and had much the same trouble. The pages, even the Levenger paper, was difficult to turn on the rings. 24# paper I used to print DIY pages was very bad. They were frustrating, that's for sure. I just purchased yesterday some 1 1/2" black rings. Pinkyreeny, how many rings are you needing?

I'm using the Junior size so

I'm using the Junior size so it will be about the same size as the Hymnal. Long way to say "8". :-)

big rings

1 1/2" rings? That's gotta make for a heavy notebook. I know how much paper I can get on 1" rings and I'm not sure I'd want anything bigger. The silver rings are OK for a notebook I don't frequently use. Notebooks for every day use need a different color for sure. Has anyone tried the other colors? I'd like to get some other colors besides black and don't want to run into this same issue.


Yeah they are big

Yes, the 1 1/2's are very big. I plan to use those for an archive notebook. The black ones seem pretty good, much better than the silver.

Metallic finish is the issue

I've heard nothing but problems from people who bought the metallic-finish discs, generally "sticky" pages. I opted to buy only regular (non-metallic) Rolla discs and have had no problems with any of them.

silver rings = sticky pages

i thought it was just me. i made my own circa notebook with some 3/4" silver rings, and my pages bind a bit more than when i had 1/2" black rings.

victor solis
gadgetvic (at) gmail dot com


In my experience, Rollabind metalic disks are much better than their Levenger brethren. Thety don't catch. They are very smooth and shiny. Mine didn't even have those extra bits from the molds. I don,t know if they still extist in gold (they used to), but I've seen the silver ones often.

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I thought....

that the Rollabind silver disks tended to flake their silver coating? Which, btw, was why I figured that Circa went with the more matte finish, which seems, based on the cutaway photos I've seen, more permanent than the silver coating on the Rollabind.

From my other experiences with silver coatings on plastics, it seems that silver is not a good "color" for this sort of application. Personally, I'm boring, and prefer black, but clear would be cool. ;-)


Not flaking so far

None of the silver rings I've been using are flaking. At all.

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Target specials


I think the rings you're talking about were on the Target notebooks and possibly the Staples notebooks, not the rings you buy loose from Rolla.

I don't have any metallics from Rolla, so I can't speak to the quality/finish. I do have some from Circa and they are matte finish and 'sticky'. I mentioned this in another thread back around the time I measured them all.


Indded, mine were bought

Indded, mine were bought directly from Rollabind.

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Oddly enough, I don't think the Levenger's Silver Circa disks are metallic. Maybe more of a matte finish. They are definitely "sticky" - that is a good word for it. I have 1/2" Silver Circa disks which seem to be OK. I'm not sure if they just don't have whatever issue makes them sticky or if they are just too small for the problem to be noticeable.

I also have a Rollabind notebook (a couple actually) with metallic silver disks. They are about the same size as the 3/4" Circa. They are not sticky, or at least not any stickier than the regular Rollabind disks. For a comparison of the different colors and sizes see my flickr photos The Circa disks seem so much nicer than the Rollabind disks, except for the crazy silver ones.

To answer the comment below, I think Levenger should address this issue. One problem with selling a high quality product - if there are any issues, someone is surely going to notice. Probably all that would be needed would be to put some kind of glossy clear coat on the disks.

OK. I'm done complaining about this now... I'll just stay away from the silver until I hear they are better.


Who makes them?

The manufacturing is probably the issue. I do remember reading that people had the same problems with the metallic finish rings from Rolla, so my guess is that it's either the process (are they coated?) or perhaps a difference in the plastic itself that's causing the problem.

I'm sure Levenger will try to make it right if you contact them, given their history of customer service (in fact, I expect Ryan's ears are burning about this topic now...)

Silver discs and sticky teeth.

(in fact, I expect Ryan's ears are burning about this topic now...)

... ;) ....

I have noticed how the texture of the silver matte finish sticks to the tooth of pages moreso than the texture of the glossy finish. Therefore, it is interesting to hear this discussion. Smaller sizes, 3/4" and 1/2", reduce the friction simply due to the decreased drag length of lifting vs. flipping. Yet, this extra pull can be a real hinderance when building larger notebooks that will be turned frequently.

If anyone finds that they are experiencing problems with the silver discs (I'm thinking of Pinkyreeny's project), I would be happy to help any exchanges along. We'll need some time to see if we can have the silver discs revamped with a smoother finish. However, I'm sure we could exchange colors until a better option is available.

detail of matte texture


I knew it!

Ryan, I imagine a flashing red light on your computer when your name is mentioned in print...

I have first-hand experience with some of the molding issues on Rolla-made discs, namely the little bump that needs to be filed down first. Maybe Rolla had general quality-control issues. As Levenger is technically a licensee of the technology, I'd think that they're free to use whatever manufacturer can generate their discs to spec, so Circa rings would vary from Rolla rings in that respect.

Ryan, I'm sure I speak for many members here when we say that we'd be happy to beta-test any and all new disc colors that Levenger happens to develop. :-D (Just remember who brought it up first - ha!) I personally am hoping for wooden rings a la the Atoma Bio line or perhaps something made out of a more renewable "green" source, like bamboo. I dread to think how expensive those would be, though, eeeek.

wooden circa disks (please)

I have managed to stay away from the Atoma stuff just because I have so much Circa stuff. But I nearly gave in when I saw the wooden disks. I really need those. I mean, really, really _need_ them. Ryan, I can assure you, if wooden Circa disks show up, you will have a least one planner nut ordering them right away (unless you want someone to test drive them first, oh heck, I’d probably still order more).

Lisa PT

Don't be shy

Go on Lisa, tell us how you feel about wooden rings. ;-)

I think they'd look great with a leather cover, myself. And some nice paper. Oooh, and a new pen...

ooohhh love it

I have not yet invested in the circa/rolla/levenger system mostly cause of lack of funds and local stores (waiting for staples to roll them out again) but the wooden discs might make me reconsider. love the look!

Wood discs


If DH wasn't so swamped with other work, I'd ask him to make me a set of wood discs. He's got an automatic milling machine that could do it--he'd just have to draw them up in CAD software first.

What would you pay for a set of discs? :)


It would depend on the wood (pun not intended)

... but it is still there :)

Seriously, from my expierience with woodworking, I know that some exotic hardwoods can be horribly expensive.

Contrarywise, what would your DH say his time/effort/etc are worth to produce a set of eleven discs ? One could just add in materials cost and go from there.
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Expensive woods

That's one of the reasons I threw "bamboo" in there as a suggestion, though not for the home hobbyist. I have some kitchen utensils made from bamboo that are very durable and do not swell up when exposed to moisture like wood does. I have knitting needles made from the stuff, and you'd swear that they were wood if not for the lightness.

For an item where precision is crucial -- eleven identically-sized and -shaped discs -- molding or automated machining would make the most sense, IMHO. Maybe you could get clever and do a "magic spine" trick and just use a few rings instead of the full complement of eleven.

Small digression

Mmmmmm, bamboo knitting needles... I like them, but lately the KnitPicks Options have won my heart.

Okay, back to Circa now. :)


Really, this will tie in to D*I*Y planning...

My Franklin Covey compact/pocket punch is now going unloved thanks to Rolla/Circa. Or at least, it *was* unloved until I discovered that the six-ring Options binder uses the same spacing as Franklin's Compact planner. Now the punch has been repurposed to "knitting pattern perforator" :-)


Excellent idea.

I haven't bought the kit yet, just the smaller-sized DPNs. (I'm addicted to sock knitting.) Maybe for Xmas I can get the kit as a gift from a family member or something...

Did you see the knitting form I did for the DIY planner? I keep meaning to make more, for yarn inventory and such. The only downside is that I have so much yarn that my planner would quickly fill up with yarn pages, leaving no room for anything else.

Oooooh -- Circa-bound knitting planner. Whaddya think? I may have a new pet project...

Circa & Knitting

I just started a knitting journal (projects, patterns, etc.) that's Circa punched. Love the idea of being able to move stuff around as I start/complete things.

And Caligatia, your knitting forms are awesome!


Glad you like them. :)

Nice forms!

You've been bookmarked. :-)

Hmm, I'll have to see if I can rig up a Circa holder in my Options binder... Perhaps a whole-punched plastic sheet with Circa punching along the top edge... hmmmm... hmmmm...

OK, looks like I'm gonna be

OK, looks like I'm gonna be ordering some different discs.
May get 1 1/2" and 1".

Do y'all think Levenger needs to do something about the stickiness of their silver rings?