newbie with a circa question

Hello! I've spent the last week or so reading this website from cover to cover and decided that I've found a group of kindred spirits. I never thought I'd find other people who love to read the Levenger catalog! I feel like I've come home.

Someone else here said that they are a purse and planner junkie. That's me, too! I rely so much on my planner that my family calls it "Mom's brain." And yes, I've been known to look around the room and ask for my brain. Everyone who knows me knows what I'm talking about. But...let me explain that I have two teenagers, and a busy DH, AND I am responsible for the medical appointments for my elderly parents. I don't think I've ever gotten a call from one of their doctors when I'm NOT driving down the freeway or walking through a mall. Having my brain with me keeps me sane.

So I've spent years trying to find the perfect planner. I've come close this year, using the Moleskine 17 month planner and journal. One page is a weekly calendar and the facing page is a journal page on which I write a "to do" list. It's just perfect, thin enough to fit in my purse and carry around with me. But, I also carry a thinner Moleskine cahier which holds all my parents medical notes, an address book and a card holder with all the doctor's cards.

I wanted to try to consolidate all this into one planner that wasn't too huge or heavy, and decided to give the Circa a try. I ordered a junior circa and a ream of the blank paper to print out calendar pages here on DIY using the same format as the Moleskine. And that's my problem, I can't seem to get the Circa paper (which already has the holes punched in the side) to run through the printer without catching and tearing the holes. Any tips for making this work? I have a fairly decent printer (HP 7760), but oo far I've had no luck.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to make do with the Circa planner pages, which wouldn't be terrible, but I love the week on one page, journal on the other format.

Sorry this is so long! Thanks for any advice you can give.

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I think mostly we all print first, then punch. If you can run your paper through with the holes as the very last thing that enters the printer (instead of down the left or right side), then you'll probably get it to work OK.

But if you have letter sheets prepunched and a printer whose largest printable format is 8.5" wide, you might be out of luck.


You may have to feed the

You may have to feed the paper in one by one. For me at least, I found that the smurfs would catch on the paper beneath it as it was fed in.

Print then punch

Like shris, I usually print then punch using some good paper. I do use the regular Circa paper that it sounds like you bought, but I use it for notes and journaling, not the calendar and such.

Have you tried what Renee mentioned? Also, if you can print in landscape and feed the long unpunched edge in first (with the smurfs on the trailing edge), it might go through without catching or getting mangled. I haven't tried this, but it does seem as if it might work. The hassle might come in when you're trying to print with the correct orientation for the print to come out right. Maybe worth a few trials?

Good luck with it and let us know how you resolve it. There are some great templates here that will probably help you a lot.

depends on the printer

I found that if I feed the paper thru my printer on one side, it would work OK. If I fed it thru the other way, the Circa punches would snag and make a big mess. If you use the one page per week DIYPlanner calendar and print it on one side, and then use the other side for notes it may work.

Here's how it turned out: DIY Calendar weekly planner & notes


Try Smurfs last

I have not yet tried running smurf-punched paper thru my printer, but I'd suggest feeding sideways, unpunched edge first. That should work unless you have a really finnecky printer.
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I was going to suggest the same thing....

but then I realized that she needs to print both sides... that would make her second side smurfs-first. However, I wonder if that would work? They would go through right up front, and then be over with. Worth a try. I think it would work better than other options. Although, I would think that single-feeding sheets would work best in any case.

I'm totally ignorant on this, because, like everybody else, I print then punch...


Thanks for the tips!

Wow, I didn't expect to get so many responses so soon. Kenny, your planner is EXACTLY what I am trying to do!

I hadn't thought of feeding the paper in one sheet at a time, that would work, I think, because the smurfs are catching on each other. I do want to print a notes page on the back, so I may try the landscape idea. Hmmm, have to go back to my office and start playing with it.

Thanks again for all the help. This place is GREAT!

Smurfs last, rotate both ways

In my printer settings, for landscape mode, I have the option to rotate the page to the right (front) or the left (back).
True, a royal PITA, but it should get the desired results.

If this can wait until the weekend, I can devote a little time to a few test runs.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Well duh on my part! You are

Well duh on my part! You are correct! I guess I was thinking of printing "collated" rather than all the fronts, and then all the backs. That would work just fine! I need to remember that... Thanks.


One sheet at a time...

worked great! I thought it would be more time consuming than it actually was--I was finished with the whole year in no time. Spent the afternoon playing with all the other templates on DIY. Right now I just have planner sections for weekly calendar/notes, my parents medical notes, contacts (along with a business card holder) and journaling. That's all I need to carry with me on a day to day basis. I'm glad I ordered 1" rings, it's on the full side right now.

I think this system just might work for me. I figure I'll try it for a couple of months and see. Anybody else have a circa business card holder in their planner? I haven't filled mine yet and I'm wondering if it will be too lumpy to write on (business cards are way at the back of the planner).

Thanks again for the advice!