Hi from Down Under

Hi there,

time indeed for a formal introduction...:

I am a somewhat lapsed GTD'er, started last year and loved in and eventually gave it up/lapsed due to incompatibility with my travels. But I am back and trying to make it stick this time! My biggest issue is finding a digital analog hybrid that doesn't waste enormous amounts of paper and is still light enough to carry.

So, here is where I am at:
FranklinCovey PlanPlus software for my computer ( I know not many people like it but it seems to work fine for me -touch wood). Since I spent most of my time at/near the computer it's very useful in terms of reminders and repetitive tasks/appointments. And best of all it prints perfectly onto Covey blank pages - no chopping, no fuss (except for a couple of tweaks I'd like).

This is where I go analog with a Filofax planner filled with (slightly too big) Covey paper and DIY Planner templates for NA's, Projects, etc.

For the evening out without a big bag, I caryy a little hPDA with the bare essentials, also printed with both Covey Calendar/addresses, and DIY Planner hipster templates.

This system seems slightly overcomplicated, but for now it works and eventually will be finetuned for sure :)

Until then it feeds my new found stationary obsession...


BTW, thank you all for creating such a fantastic and friendly place!

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