Spiral 3-Ring Combo?

I'm wondering whether this kind of notebook exists or whether I am going to have to invent it. I prefer to take notes in a spiral notebook, but I also like to be able to insert pages that I have torn out of magazines or notes written on other pieces of paper. Is there any sort of spiral notebook to which pages can be added? Hmm...would I then need to find a hole-puncher that punched 20 little holes for a spiral notebook?

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What is it about spiral...

Can I ask what it is about spiral-bound notebooks you like? I ask, because I got a ton of 1/4" Rollabind rings, and made a few notebooks with them, and they are almost just like a typical spiralbound notebook, but with the extra flexibility the Circa/Rollabind. You would need to get a Rollabind hole punch, however. :-)


my 2 cents

I remember seeing (Mead?) spiral bound notebooks with pocket pages bound inside. They might have been 6x9 size or something similar. Some came with quadrille ruled paper. Some of these had fairly rigid cardboard back covers, which gave them more support when used in the lap.

I used letter size spiral bound notebooks in college, but switched to 3 ring binders (this was a long time ago ), because you couldn't remove the pages from a spiral bound notebook without creating a mess, hence having to file the entire notebook with each class, whether filled or not. Typical spiral bound notebooks were fairly durable, at least, but had the disadvantage of not using being rigid enough to use in one's lap by itself. And, as you noted, you can't add stuff to one without stapling, taping, or gluing them onto a blank page.

At work, I started using a Franklin-Covey Classic size planner binder as a notebook, with DIY Planner notebook pages. However, after discovering Circa, I've gone to a Circa bound notebook/planner. I love the flexibility of the system. Albeit, at a much higher cost than spiral bound notebooks. One other point; the Circa appears more professional than a spiral bound notebook, especially if you get one of the Levenger Foldover ones. Sometimes that counts.


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GBC or comb binding?

I suppose you could make a notebook using a plastic comb (aka GBC) binding. IMHO, these are pretty darn difficult to add or remove pages from, far worse than a 3 ring binder or Circa notebook.

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Koool Bind

I am currently using a Dakota Koool Bind... it holds 8.5x11" loose leaf paper. It is essentially a Circa without the extra fancy rings that you need a special hole puncher for. Instead, it has three fat plastic rings like a normal binder except without the big clumbsy binding.

I wish that made more sense. I love it though.


This counds like "koool" binder, but there are no pictures of it on their site, so I cannot figure out what is so "koool" about it... Can you give us/me any more info on what this binder is all about? Do you have any photos you could share?

Thanks Vicky!
nay nay

C'mon Nay-Nay...

Google is your friend

Actually, this stuff looks neat.

Want to try some .....
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I'm confused... howz it

I'm confused... howz it work? O.o

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I think Google is YOUR friend as I did a search and did not come up with such cool pics! You're just the BEST ygor!
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Inspiral :)

I have the Inspiral ones - in purple, no less :D - and they work very well. They are large, though, so might overpower the look of a small notebook (as in not many sheets). Don't forget the little clips on the ends to keep them from unspiraling. Since they do take a bit of time to put on, I use them for books and notebooks that I won't be adding pages to. Very heavy duty and well made (at least mine are, which I bought a few years ago).

Koool Bind

These Binding Rings look like they would be great to make hipsters with too - I just might have to give this systems a whirl!! Where have you been hiding Vicky? I love this idea and am so glad you shared it!!

Check out the link that Ygor found to see the pics!
nay nay

This would be perfect!

I need rings that are 2 to 2 1/2 inches but it looks like they only come in half-inch size.

Guess I'll keep looking.

I Googled and didn't get the good stuff that ygor found.

I looked at the pics and it

I looked at the pics and it looks great. How is it different than just using metal binder rings? I made journals for my sons. I took scrapbook paper, laminated it and whole punched 5.5 x 8.5 lined paper. Then I took 1" binder rings from staples and put three in. It is flexible since it is just laminated covers. Do you have this problem with this system? Or do you use a heavier cover?

(edited) Including a spine is a great idea. I'm going to add that in. :)


I think maybe the "spine" makes a pretty big difference. Although, I think you could make a spine and then use the metal rings... More DIY! :) I guess I have just never seen anyone use three rings to make a letter size notebook and it was one of those "duh" moments for me!! TGIF!
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These look....

Like something Judy experimented with, except her rings were flat. I think you can find the pics on Flickr. Unfortunately, I'm on a public terminal, and not too keen to sign onto more sites than I need... (yes, I "needed" to get a fix of DIYPlanner) ;-)

(enjoying his vacation away from the internet--oh really?)

Kool bind


only took two different google searches....

but this costs $20 w/o shipping. If you are going to go this route why not just get these:

staples link

at 16 for $2.98 (different sizes available--some up to shower ring size) you can make a mess of cool notebooks without using special punches for way cheep.


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Good idea dnatoday. Almost a "duh!" there.

On page 15 you can get a cover, spine and ring set for $10.65.

I'd need covers at least as stiff as Circa, and the "spine" piece would be helpful, too. This would be for a Hymnal Orchestration that would get heavy use, and be pretty thick. 24lb paper probably.

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Kooolbind details

I threw out a few feelers and got some good info.

First, it is spelled with three O's, representing the three rings (I guess). That made Googling a bit tougher.

Next, I inquired about buying "parts" and got a returned phone call. Very nice guy. He explained that the rings have an oval cross-section and the holes in the spines match that shape. When you put the two together, the result is that the rings are held so that they do not flop from side to side.
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I spelt it with three Os in my original mention! lol.

I've had my 3 ring Koool Bind for about three years and I've used it for a million different things. The covers are really stiff and it does have a spine inside the back cover whish makes it even stiffer. I found it on a sale table in an art store… it was all of 79 cents. I’m a lucky girl.

I never realized that the rings were slightly oval and that that's why it doesn't flop. Genius!

I also have a half sheet sized Komtrak spiral bound one but I don’t like it as much. You have to take the entire thing apart and need a special hole punch to add pages. The three ring option is much better in my book.