Macleans: Low-tech chic

From Canada's leading news magazine, Macleans, comes this little article I missed: Low-tech chic.

New is gee-whiz nifty and shiny, but it isn't always faster, better or cheaper. This epiphany forms the philosophical impetus of an emerging group of techno-skeptics: call them modern Luddites.


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Don't let the facts spoil a good story... :P

Acording to Bigge - No sadly, not the Notorious B.I.G - I am a modern Luddite. Is this boy a complete fool or is he wearing a dunce cap for a bet? The Luddites smashed machinery to save their families from starvation not because the machines were counter-intuitive or counter-productive. I find paper and pen -whether old fashioned Sheaffer or uber-modern gel - increases my output and fires my brain. Hey some of you even use mechanical pulp paper instead of handmade Arches. Boo! Hiss! You coffee-counter-revolutionaries... ;)

Sardonios the Magnificent