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Does anyone know if there is a US distributor for Atoma besides Myndology? I'd love to try some of the Atoma bio line but Myndology doesn't have it.

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That's all...

Every other reference I ever Google-ed up was in Europe.

Other folks have said that the Myndology folks are very friendly and helpful. Have you made any special requests thru them ?
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Myndology is it

According to Atoma's site, that's the only distributor in the US.

There's also the Adoc system which I've heard is the same as Atoma, but have not tested myself.

I think Myndology is looking

I think Myndology is looking at bringing in the bio line in a month or so. I'd drop them a line to see what they say.


I talked with Jason a week or so ago and he confirmed that Myndology *is* going to carry the bio line.


If you check the ATOMA site, there's a company called mindbinders that seems to also be a distributor, but when I Google it, I get mostly educational supply sites, with a minimum purchase. It looks like mindbinders also distributes some myndology items, but I could be misinterpreting the sites (they are pretty bad with Safari).

The first page on one of them had the little notecards (selling them as DIY flashcards), but the next page had notebooks (no pics, though).

Ah, never mind. Further investigation shows that myndology used to be mindbinders. :D

ADOC System

I received The Daily Planner catalog last week and they have some ADOC products available, interesting...

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