Smurfin' Safari

Let's go smurfin' now, everybody's learnin' how, come on a safari with meeeee.

This week a very LARGE box from Levenger arrived in my mail. My Circa portable punch, translucent covers, pocket dock-its, and 1/2" disks finally arrived! And I've been smurfin' ever since.

Now I understand what all the hoopla over circa is all about. I'm a circa pda guy now, and lovin' it.


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Many congrats to you~!

Aren't you in love with moving paper around??? ((I still catch myself punching things I will only need for a day just to move it around my planner hehe))

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Not to mention...

...all those cute little smurfs it makes. Today I'm converting a Moleskine Cahier cover into a circa pda cover. It's tan and has a rugged look to it. Then I plan on smurfin' the Moleskine pages on the top edge ala circa pda. I did the same thing for some old FC pocket pages. Of course I had to trim those down to size a bit.

This is fun!


so many possibilities

Since my dear pet mouse passed away, I have been searching for another. I found a breeder in the area and am waiting for a new baby mouse :D

My newest project is to create a "baby" book for the lil darling... Photo albums with circa/rolla binding will be so nice for organizing and showing :)

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One of these days I will have to cave in. lol have fun and don't forget to post pics

Before I opened this thread...

I already heard Beach Boys music :)
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