Introduction (+ info on filofax or Lefax duplex)

I have been using Filofax since the mid 1970s, and still use it daily.

My main stationery is the superb day-to-a-page 131319 page, but I also use daily my address list
(maintained on 130207) and the beautiful cream 132453 pages for notes and sketches. I
still have a few 1970s blank pages with the code "BCM/FILOFAX LONDON FORM NO. 8".

I also have a few custom-made pages, including a 20-page document I have built up over
the years: a sort of dictionary + encyclopaedia + Whittaker's almanack. I maintain this on
my computer and print out a revised and expanded version every six months or so.

Luckily I have the Filofax Personal Cavendish binder with the large rings, so it all fits in very well.

I also have one of the old (pre-1975) hole punches. They cost 20 pounds back then and
were available only from Filofax in the UK, so this helps me maintain my libarary of custom-made pages.

I also have a few of the original Lefax data pages

I have another binder that I use for the garden. It has a page for almost every day on which
I record what I planted, what I harvested and what I learnt that will be useful for the future.

Back in the 1950s through to the 1970s Filofax (in the UK) and Lefax (in the US) produced
what they called their "duplex" models. They had two sets of rings and were designed for
the specialist markets of clergymen, military officers, medical practitioners and engineers.
I would like to buy a duplex if anyone has one on offer. Any condition.


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I can't imagine using the same system all those years! I'm impressed! Unfortunately, I can't help you with your search, but welcome, and I hope you find what you are seeking.