Rolla my Dreams

You know you've been bitten by the planning bug bad when your planner starts showing up in your dreams. No, not as a dream journal, but actually being used, by you, in your dreams.

Twice now my homemade Rolla-bound 3x5 cards have shown up in a dream that I remember:

* once when I needed to joy down the perfect book to look for next time I was @Bookstore. It bothers me that I remember writing it down, but not what the book title actually was. Knowing how my dreams go, it was probably something like "Elephant Porridge Whistlestop Mango"

* just last night with my recurring "I've re-enrolled in college as a full-time student (despite being an adult with a job and family) and am moving in to my dorm room" dream, as I was making a shopping list of things I had forgotten to pack. I distinctly recall writing down:

- 3x5 cards
- hole punch (why I would leave home without the Circa punch I don't know...)
- socks (see above)

At least not Elephant Porridge in this one.

The minute I dream about my tickler file, I'm going in for therapy.

Hmm, I'd better write that down...

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You how you're talking to much about planners when...

...your husband dreams that your three month old daughter was making her own planner...

Bet mine is tired of my planner talk... It's turning up in his dreams too!