Some but not others

Every so often one of my posts here will be marked as "possible spam" and queued for moderator approval. Doesn't happen to all of them. For example, all those I've contributed to the recent cat-o-nine-tails thread have gone through without any problem. Now a posting about contacting FiloFAX gets queued.

I hate spam so understand that some posts need to be checked but the rules dont' seem to make sense.

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No problem there

Topic posted straight to the forum without any queueing; of course, this follow-up might get queued. Let's see.

Yesterday, I tried to add a photo to DIYPlanner

Yesterday, I tried to add a photo to DIYPlanner, and it took forever for it to show up. And a test post I made to see what was going on got nabbed for spam. :-) Oh well...

What is so frustrating, however, is that those dumb L0AN ^DS have been getting through! (notice the "leet" to try to avoid the spam filter.) ;-)


to my knowledge

Templates, pictures, etc have always been approved before showing as part of the forums...

And please understand that the "crew" here works very hard to try and control spam and keep everything running smoothly :o)

We love yall - don't forget that ;D

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That must explain why I could see and open the page, but nobody else... Thanks for the clarification.