The Perfect Collage Gift, DIY Planner Style

Collage Final Storyboard Sheet‘Tis the season to start thinking about the “holidaze hoopla” and gift giving. I’ve started listing all the people to buy gifts for. And like every year, I try and get all the shopping in early, which has become very easy thanks to This year, however, a few people on my list will not be getting some gift card or item sent to them from their wish list. Instead, they will get custom pieces of collage art, using some pictures, colorful paper and random embellishments found and purchased at the local art supply store. Just a few simple art items along with Doug’s Storyboard and Product forms have helped me plan and design the layout of the finished product. Putting together a fun and unique collage layout is easy and makes the perfect Christmas present for any friend or relative.

You’ll need to print out copies of the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition 3.0 Product Idea Template and then pages 9 and 17 from the classic-sized Creativity pack. I recommend that you print out one set of the three templates for each project. That way you don’t accidently mix ideas that may not go together. You can cut them out and remove any excess paper, as I have done in the images or you can keep them all the same size. As you can see from the pictures, I opted to take my paper cutter and trim the forms. Mixing a Classic and Hipster sized forms may seem odd, but you’ll be using the small project sized form that fits in your wallet or back pocket when you go to purchase your collage materials.

Collage Product  SheetTake out the Product form and think about your art project from a high level perspective. Who are you crafting this collage for? What colors do they like? What activities do they enjoy doing? Answering these questions will define the theme of your artwork and help give it some focus and personal meaning. My in-laws recently purchased a Harley motorcycle and I have decided to collage a few pictures of their various road trips together along with some Harley branded stickers on motorcycle-theme paper That will be glued securely down to a suitable sized canvas so they can hang it in their “Harley Room”. On top of the Project card, I have written “Harley X-mas Collage,” and jot down some ideas for themes on the U.V.P field. Since most scrapbooking paper comes in 12” x 12” here in the US, I decide that that is going to be the size of my college. Now, under the Description and Cost fields, I list off the things I need to buy from the store: a 12” x 12” canvas, harley themed paper, stickers, PVA glue, pictures of the in-laws and their bike and maybe some acrylic sealer. All of which you can get at your local craft store.

Collage 6 Storyboard Sheet
Now pull out the 6 block story board and think about what the final collage looks like. This is where you go crazy and sketch the actual layout. Now I cannot draw, so pardon the pictures. But as you can see, from my example, I sat down and created 6 very different ideas of what my Harley collage could become. If you have no idea about how to pull visual elements together, there are a lot of scrapbooking sites out there that have sample layouts to get you started. After looking at one or two examples, I’m sure that’s enough to get your creativity going.

Once you have 6 designs to choose from, pick your favorite one or the one that looks visually appealing. This layout is the one you are going with. With the help of my husband, together, we selected the design that not only looked the best to us, but felt like it was the best design visually appealing to his parents. In the sample picture, I put a nice big star next to it.

Collage Final Storyboard Sheet
Now it’s time to take out the single story board and recreate the image on that. With a larger space, you have more flexibility to embellish and add a lot more detail to your layout as well as add notes as to what specific types of paper you want to use, stickers, and things to consider when you make the art. In my Harley example, I added some background papers at angles and maybe a third, smaller ripped piece of paper. At the bottom I’ve added notes as to what types of things I may want to use and colors.

All that’s left to do is to transfer a quick draft of your final layout to the project card so you have the layout with you when you go to the store. Now go to the store and buy your items. Bring them home and get to work on the final piece of art. Glue the paper and photos onto the canvas and then seal it once it’s dry. Add the stickers after the sealant has dried for a three dimensional look. Then, wrap it up and slide it under the tree. On Christmas morning, when everyone is exchanging their gifts, your family will smile and treasure not only the wonderful gift you made but the talent and time you took to create something truly unique.

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Storyboard templates?

I have searched EVERYWHERE and cannot find these forms! Any idea where I can download them?

This site is unbelievable! I could spend years here, just reading through all the stuff. Love it!



Hmmm, did you look in the Creativity pack, Linda? ;)

BTW The hPDA Product Form has been replaced with the Product Idea Template, which can be found in the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition 3.0 pack. :)

storyboard paper

you can find storyboard paper at