New to Forum; Pitching Ideas

Hi Everyone. I've been looking at this site almost daily for about the last 6+ months. I have a pile of Classic-sized forms at home, I usually use them freestyle (no planner setup or anything).

Heres an Idea I got. I am intrested in a free-form PIM type setup. I have tried TiddlyWiki and GTDTiddlyWiki, but they were not the nicest things to work with. I am also away from my computer alot, So I wanted a web-based type of setup. For this I tried TiddlySpot, but it still wasn't nice to work with.

After playing around with the DIY Planner website for a while, I really got to get comfortable with Drupal. What I wanted to try is to make a personal Drupal setup somewhere for myself.

Some help or thoughts, Technical or otherwise, Would be appriciated.

Chris :)

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I did something similar.

I set myself up a Horde installation. Horde is an open-source multi-user productivity suite built in PHP.


I will use it more once they finish building the Palm sync for it... My current job has me away from computers all day, so while I enjoyed playing with Horde I didn't actually have a use for it.


I've used that a little through cPanel Webmail.
Isn't it really a webmail application though?

Anyway, The reason I wanted Drupal is for a) The Learning Experience and b) It would really be more free-form than a typical Calendar/Address Book/To-Do List/Notepad kind of PIM.

- Chris :)

PHP apps

Horde has an email component. But it also has PIM stuff, plus a bookmark component and some other things. It's a fun toy.

I think I installed Drupal somewhere once... I have a Joomla installation I've been messing with lately, which is also a CMS. Someday maybe I'll even figure out a use for it... :)

Using a CMS

I really like the idea of using a CMS.
Would you happen to know who offers free Drupal hosting?
I would really appreciate this one, Google actually hasn't turned up much for me on this one.

Chris :)

No clue.

I don't know about free hosting. I use my regular web host (which I pay for). If I want to install Drupal I can just do it through the shell...

I use Drupal in a freelance

I use Drupal in a freelance writing gig I'm in. Every draft is posted as a series of pages in their database *and* as an attached file. Comments are placed on the page associated with the draft and conversations are saved for the forums. It's not a bad way to go, although the guy setting it up added a few bits and pieces to make the site more wysiwyg for adding text and editing stuff. He's still trying to figure out a way to add tables (other than using a word processor and attaching the file). I wish there was character highlighting that didn't include me fudging the html with a span tag.

The version of Drupal I use also allows the writers to keep personal blogs - which we use to keep track of projects, present status reports and just list what's going on in our lives. The private email is handy; but I'm always worried about a system crash. The site has pretty good backup policies, but we have lost a few days (or so) of work in the past. Recoverable, but annoying.

As for Web content management systems, I was looking at PMWiki and PBWiki myself (both are pretty straight forward and simple). I never thought of using them as a PIM as well -- I was more interested in their document management. I also was going to just host it locally as, for my own uses I really don't need web access.