Simple pleasures

For the last couple of days I've been reading a textbook for school and taking notes. The notes are being taken in a letter-size Rollabind notebook with 24lb. paper, and I'm using a fountain pen.

Taking notes has never been this enjoyable before. And I love the way my handwriting looks with this pen (a Lamy Vista), so I have the added pleasure of seeing my neat little writing on lovely paper.

And when I'm done with my notes, I can slip the smurfed pages from my main notebook into my Rolla binder! (I have one for each class.)

A big thank-you to my fellow DIYP forumites -- I'd still be taking notes on filler paper with a cheap pen if it wasn't for you all. And as bad as you guys are for my wallet, my senses are delighted to have these wonderful things.

Now, if only I could find a fountain pen that prevents hand soreness no matter how much I write... :)

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Regarding hand soreness...

You may have a common problem (I do) of clenching your hand on the pen as you write. In my case, I blame years of writing with cheap, too-small pencils and ballpoints. I have long fingers/large hands, and noticed that writing with a larger-barrel pen tends to help. I've got a Levenger True Writer fountain pen and the older-style (clear) Shaeffer calligraphy which I use for general noodling around.

Both types have a wider-diameter barrel and I find this easier to hold, especially if I tell myself "relax!" when I'm writing.


You're right, that does sound like my problem. Luckily I'm working on getting a chunkier pen, which will hopefully clear up the problem.

Oh, and I switched from juggling books and notebook on the couch to writing properly at my desk. My writing hand is very grateful. :)

I have tendonitis... and

I have tendonitis... and previously I just thought it was "writing fatigue" ... large/wide bodied pens help a bit but I cannot write nearly as much as I used to before cramping up. Paying attention to how tense you hands are and what kind of grip you have may help. or maybe you will be cursed like me ... :/

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