Rollabind backing?

I've got a problem. I need a thick enough backing for a letter-size Rollabind notebook that it won't bend when I try to write on it. And I don't have $100 for a Circa foldover! I bought a couple of the Rolla binders, thinking "binder == firm surface", but no. Binders are nice, but floppy. What I really need is a nice thick chipboard backing, but those won't fit in my punch. I tried to hand-smurf a chipboard back I stole off another notebook, but that didn't work very well.

Suggestions? I am not very good at DIY crafty stuff, so please don't suggest anything too complex...

(Note to Ryan: a stiff-backed Circa notebook for students would be very nice indeed. Just sayin'.)

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I just thought up a solution. I took a letter-sized piece of thick chipboard and put it into one of the Rolla-bunched sheet protectors that came in my Rolla binders. I put it in the back of my notebook between the last sheet of paper and the translucent cover. Now I have a nice sturdy notebook backing! Yay!

(I'd still rather have a nice binder, though. But this will do.)

Good idea - better than a clipboard

I was going to suggest using one of those thin aluminum clipboards (with the flatish clip), but I think your idea is better because it's only one thing to carry instead of two.

my idea...

was to "laminate" multiple layers of cardboard. Take one, punch it, and then, cut down other sheets of cardstock, so they are narrower, and don't interfere with the rings, and glue them to the one with the smurfs. If you were daring enough, ;-) you could then cover it in bookbinding cloth. I swear that someday, I'm going to do something like this, just because...


Cool idea.

I may try that for other notebooks. Thanks!

Simplest way.


The simplest way to get what you wanted is the way you did it--put something stiff into a pocket that's already punched.

Second choice would be to do what Levenger does. Punch a piece of plastic, then attach the plastic to the stiff backing of your choice. They stitch them together for strength, but you could also staple or glue.



Also an excellent idea!