Suggestion for a Forum: Pens

Would anybody be interested in a Pen forum?
Anyone interested please comment below.
- Chris

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A pen forum? No! Not another

A pen forum? No! Not another place to talk pens! =)


Great idea, I'd be interested!
Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
~Calvin & Hobbes

New Pens, Pencils and Brushes Forum

Well, we certainly have had enough discussion of pens and such to warrant a forum, despite the fact that there are many other pen-specific sites. A good idea, methinks. Created.

all my best,

It's a natural

Analog = paper + pen. It's a marriage made in ... :-)

Although for me, the pen came first. Weaned me away from my PDA. Hard to write on the screen with a fountain pen!


Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

Ooh Yes!!

Yes we need a pen forum.

It's nice to know what works where and more importantly what doesn't.

Andy Hayes


A pen forum would be quite useful.

In the last year I have read up on NLP, MindMaps, Covey's 7 habbits, and GTD. In the end I bought a Rotring Quatrro pen to allow me to use blue or red ink, pencil, or PDA stylus in the one instrucment. I haven't loked back since.

you wish has been granted...

Doug already announced that the Pen forum has been created...

Go get posting :D

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