Markdowns on Circa

Yesterday (Saturday) I was drooling in the Levenger store in Tysons Corner, VA and noticed that the Leather Jacket Junior and Letter size folios (with the tab closure) were marked down. The letter size was $60 and junior was $20. I was told the model was being discontinued.

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got them both on sale too

they are a great line. I don't know why they are discountined.
Duc Ly

only one size

It's only the Junior (half-letter) size which is being discontinued (in favour of Compact).


Too bad...

Online they're only in red. Otherwise, I'd be interested.

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Leather Jacket w/ tabs

I was told the model was being discontinued.

You were told correctly. We heard frequent requests to remove the tab/belt closure to increase accessibility of the notebook.

The Ltr and Jr leather jackets that are currently on sale have already been replaced by the version without the closure now on the web and on shelves.


no closure?

I'm quite suprised... my cambridge personal sized planner never left my side for almost 8 years. I loved the single snap closure!

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