Hey Everybody! If you could only have just 1 pen....

...to keep, which one would it be?

...to flip with, which would it be?

Mine would be the Stabilo Liner 808 :
The ink is continuous, not cloggy and because it's lightweight, makes flipping comfortable for me.

Clara (aka Miss Tips)

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One Pen? Heresy! =) That's

One Pen? Heresy! =)

That's a toughie, but I'd probably lean towards my Cross Solo fountain pen or my Schaeffer Touchdown. The vaunted Parker 51 remains outside my collection, although that might change down the road.

easy, my fisher space pen.

easy, my fisher space pen. never leave home without it.

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oh dont hate me

I must say that if I could have one pen... it would be a BIC retractable (most likely a Velocity). I know its a ball point but BICs for me write consistantly and last forever. Ask me tomorrow, I would probably choose something different ;D

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Just one pen...

Tee Hard to imagine- I'd probably choose Uniball Impact Gel RT(retractable) Bold.
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i changed my mind (suprise!)

Today it would be a Papermate Flair... lovely pens. I got a pack with some pretty colors (tangerine, lime, turquoise, & rasperberry <- my names, not theirs as far as i know). It was on sale at the local grocery store with a FREE pencil. I can't resist deals lol. I found my black, blue and red this morning and am using them today at work... how long will this trend last? Takin bets now ;D

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We need you to get hooked on fountain pens, Sara

Once you get the FP bug, then you can choose from all sorts of lovely colors like these and devise your own evil recipes for home-brew colors.

More inks than pens? No problem! Just buy more pens. :-S


I have three varsity fountain pens and two parker pens I need to clean and test. I don't need any encouragement when it comes to pens hehe... I'm a bad influence on myself ;P

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G2 Pro with an extra-fine blue refill.

Mini !!

Mini-G2, please. Fits more pocketses.
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I changed my mind.

Now that I have a Pilot Vanishing Point, I swear by it!

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Terrifying thought...

This is sooo not going to happen. LOL But - in the unlikely event of parallel universes or something - I'd say one of my piston fillers because they hold a lot of ink.

Tough Call

A Parker, either the Jotter in my pocket now or my Vacumatic Fountain Pen. Both are wonderful to use. Plenty of refills or ink, depending.

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Parker 51

If it had to be only one pen (that would be tough), it would have to be a Parker 51 fountain pen for me. Probably the one with my Dad's name engraved on it.

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Now I Know

I have a pot of 20 fountain pens, some old and some new and I would really have struggled to pick one. Today my new Pelikan Souveran 805 arrived in the post. Now there is no contest.

If only I had have been born rich instead of good looking, I would have been able to have a set of them!

Andy Hayes

The one pen I absolutely

The one pen I absolutely love is the Uniball Signo (micro). A gel pen that glides smoothly on paper, and dries quickly, without smearing at all. Line is thin enough to jot stuff on a tiny notepad, and did I mention it is smooth?

Emphatically Agree!!!

I am a bit of a pen junkie...
But i am so fickle that I try to stick with what i know works well for me...
I recently gave in to a whim and purchased several new pens...
Gotta say that i am hooked...
I just love the Uniball Signo Micro 207...
As you stated it is ultra smooth...
And consistently delivers...
No smearing, retains it's tip...
I write very small
And nothing is more discouraging than to think you have found THE pen...
Only to have it suddenly widen unexpectedly...
Talk about your major annoyances...
I used to swear by the Pilot G-2 0.5...
But i now have a new love...
The Signo is great for writing and drawing...
I never leave home without it...
As with any pen of this type,
I never let anyone use it...
I'd sooner just give it to them...
As it is never the same afterwards...

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Today's answer would be

a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto. That counts as one choice, right? Never mind that there are 3 ink refills inside. :-)

Current fave

The Pilot Precise V5 RT - so far, nothing else has wormed its way into my heart and pocket and bag like this pen. Hard to find the V5 RT, which is the retractable model - but Target has saved the day for me.
This pen is superfine, super smooth, and doesn't smear.


Target has the retractable model? oooo ooo I must know! hehe

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Let's hear it for Tarjay!

Yes, they have it - in three packs (black/blue/red). Woohoo!


Sara's going shoppin at Tarjayyy!!! :D Thanks for the info Heavdog <3

I think Precise v5 are my favorite... I had a Uniball Exact pen once, that was nice too :sigh: so many pens, so little time!

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I agree

I would definatly have to say I love the Hi-Tec C coleto. It is great! I started with the 0.3 and it seemed a bit scratchy on the paper but super fine. So I went with the 0.5 and I think it may be a tad bit too thick so I am going to try the 0.4. Now I sound like the goldilocks story!

One pen - oh no not that

For me, it would have to be a Pilot G2, extra fine (0.5 mm) black.

Yes, I have a whole collection of vintage and new fountain pens and fine point Japanese gel pens, and if allowed a number 2 pen, that would be interesting. But assuming this is a desert island, the G2 is the best compromise between the extremes of practicality (bic ball point) vs. pleasure (finicky vintage fountain pen). And, unlike others, I find that the G2 always writes for me without skipping and without problems, its ink is the blackest of almost any ink, flows nicely, it's archival, and it's refillable.

I would have to say Pilot G2

I would have to say Pilot G2 Pro with a .5 refill. Although this week I've been trying out a new pen, a Uniball Signo RT with the .38 tip. Although it's a much finer tip I kind of like it. I'm going to try it for a few more days and see how it goes.

Parker "51"

Easy questions...or is it.

Parker "51" Forest Green Aerometric with Noodler's Zhivago (Dark Dark Green). So smooth of a writer, starts up everytime and no skipping what so ever.

Sounds beautiful!

Love my "51" but it's black - at the moment filled with Noodler's Blue-Black, though usually it has Noodler's Black in it. Your combo sounds just perfect. :D

I have a bugundy "51" winging its way to me and your post made me think my Noodler's Nightshade would be a great ink for it.

My Parker "51"

Yep, I'd have to go with the Parker "51" too. It's so comfortable, it's like an extension of my hand. Also it's very understated. Mine's a gray 1943 vac-fill with Conway Stewart Brown in the tank.

When people ask to borrow a pen or pencil, I hand them a Zebra 301.


Nice lines, pretty colors, too

I love the Uniball Vision Elite Bold, especially the blue/black color. They last seemingly forever and now there are refills for the writing ones - but don't stop there, they come in at least 8 colors.
Once when I used them on slick paper, they didn't dry fast enough, but for most purposes they're perfect.

The Pen

My Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen (fine point, which is very fine indeed)
Anacora Imparo

would good quality hb pencil

would good quality hb pencil and gummed eraser qualify as an answer?


I love my old-fashioned Rapid-o-graph with it's rocker action to keep the ink running. Also love flairs and the Monteverde fiber tip.

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That is a very tough choice.

That is a very tough choice. But I think I have to go with my cheapest fountain pen - a Herlitz Tornado -indeed a 4 Euro German FP, that I picked up this summer and never put it down since then. The only problem is, that I know that the life expectancy of the Tornados is only about 4 years, but I still love them.


Now that I've stopped

Now that I've stopped shaking in horror at the idea of only one pen ...

Right now I'm going to have to go with my Pelikan Pelikano jr. Smooth as silk and a godsend to my carpal tunnel hands.

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Caran d'Ache mini Ecridor XS

This is the pen of my dreams - bought it, loved it, but lost it! It's small (about 3 1/2") and I carried it everywhere. Which was my problem, since I apparently left it somewhere and haven't seen it in a while. If you like small pens, this is THE small pen. No clunky rubber, smooth click action, comfy hexagonal design, writes beautifully.

Apparently, CdA was working on an econo "office" release of this design (~$20) but it's been put on indefinite hold. :( Until then, I've been fighting the temptation to buy another.


Caran D'Ache Leman FP

Only one pen is a hard choice (I have the Leman ballpoint which I love) but it would have to be the black and silver Leman FP with a medium nib; I tried one the other day and it was wonderful, just trying to see how long I can hold out on buying one :-) Any suggestions on where I can buy one that won't cost me an arm and both legs will be gratefully received.

Parker "51" Wins

As an owner of over 100 fountain pens it's hard to pick one or even one brand. But a Parker "51" is a true workhorse and all I've found are smooth writers right off the bat. My Most! favorite is a 1946 Grey Vac with a smooth, fine nib (61 years old and writing with it takes my breath away), next is my '48 Black Vac (a mere 59 years old) I bought from a dear friend, she used it all through Grad School and work. "Wrote many, many pages of notes and papers with that pen" It is a flawless writer and just a hair wider nib than the other. The "51" Aeros are equally wonderful. Then my Sheaffer Snorkels... Smooth writers, love the filling system, the only drawback for me is the screw cap. It's a bit of a chore when you write a bit, stop, restart. For a cheap worker, I don't worry about taking anywhere, I love the inexpensive Chinese and Japanese pens. The Hero 616 at $10 USD, hard to beat.

Sheaffer Snorkel

I've seen a lot of people mention the Snorkels in the same breath as the Parker "51," so I want to try one but know nothing about them.

Is there a particular model or version that's recommended for someone who's just starting with a Snorkel? Like, some people say start with an Aero P51 instead of a Vac.


Snorkel Models

Not as simple as with the "51"s. Yes the "51" Aero is almost always a fine performer, the Vac requires sac rebuilding more often. First Snorkel I bought was a "Statesman", not an expensive model, cap the same material/color as the barrel, with what they call the Triumph nib. Snorkels can come with a normal nib. Look at the following site and you'll see just a different material nib or a metal cap changed the model name. The Palladium Silver is just as smooth as the 14K and a bit cheaper to buy. Don't be afraid to buy the Palladium Silver nib.


I've gotten nice pens, good priced going to a repairer and asking if they had any everyday writers in a certain type.

There can be only one

Waterman's Phileas

Virtas from Finland (Europe)

Parker 51-awesome

Just got a Parker 51 for graduation from my wonderful husband! It writes like a dream. Save up and get a reputable dealer to redurbish one for you.

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Calligraphy pens

I am looking for a fountain pen that could be filled with a little heavier liquid than most inks. I am doing raised calligraphy for gold leafing and the the ink has a very light gesso base. I would like to use a 2.3 mm nib. Any ideas?

Interesting question

I'd suggest that you also post this question over on the Fountain Pen Network.

I can't help you, but I'm interested in seeing the answers you get.

Not going to happen

Fountain pen ink is dye based. Any pigment would clog it up. Gesso is a specialized kind of pigment. I do calligraphy as a serious hobby and I have worked with gold leaf AND made my own gesso. Consider: If there was no pigment (solid stuff) in the gesso, how could it raise up ?

I would stick to a dip pen for that.

Just my opinion
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Hi everybody!

I'm looking for a particular pen from Herlitz, model Tornado-XL Plus. I used to have it for 1 year unfortunately. I bought in in 1997 and in 1998 I accidentaly break it. It had a wood body, and a strong metal hood.
Does anyone know if I can find it somewhere?

Desert island pen

Well, assuming that I only had one pen because I was on a desert island...

a Smiggle gel pencil (one end a gel pen the other a pencil) so I could lay on my back on the sandy beach and write without worrying about my pen failing. :)

If I wasn't on a desert island... I'd also use cheapy Stabilo Liner 808. They're my favourite work pens


My Pelikan Piazza Navona. I absolutely adore this pen. It has a fine nib and I've been using Noodler's Cayenne ink in it almost exclusively. It's a work of art and a pleasure to use.

Not a Flipper

But a toss up between--- A Sheaffer Snorkel... smooth writers, classic look and the snorkel allows me to fill with my own mixed inks.

The other... Parker "51" Aero or Vac. Distinctive look, smooth writers.

Both pens last forever, mine are 50-60+ years old and write perfectly.

As for a gel... Parker T-Ball Jotter with gel refill.

My pen?

I'd definitely go with my Inka pen. Presurized Ink, attaches to my keyring, small, but can be extended to (roughly) the size of a normal pen. Works great for me.

Though Bic disposables are a definite second place (at rougly $2 per dozen it's a great price, and they seem to last forever).

with my old (now misplaced, and no longer manufactured) Cross pen. Don't recall the name, but it also attached to the keyring, had great ink, and snapped open and close.

New choice...

Current favorite: Sensa Classic...and now only seem to be available on the net!!! Has anyone seen them elsewhere???
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Love the Sensa pens

but have only seen them in dollar stores and other 2nd run stores (Big Lots). It's definitely hit or miss...



and then after you scratch your head in confusion, try this:

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I would have to say a simple Papermate Stick pen, preferably purple ink with a medium point. Or pink, which is very hard to find in the simple stick pens (but Walmart has a set right now that includes the pink and sky blue colors, yay).

I've tried a lot of pens and my issue with them is the grips. I have to use a plastic triangle grip that I can slide over the pen and after years of experimenting, I've accepted that my grips only fit over Papermate stick pens (yes, the ones that are usually 10 for a dollar every August). I just got a new order of pen grips and this model is big enough to fit over the Bic stick pens as well, so I got a set of their jewel tones at Target (pink, sky blue, green and purple). I love to look at fountain pens, they look so pretty, but I know it's best for me to stay faithful to my Papermate stick pens. All eight of them - blue, black, red, purple, green, sky blue, pink, and orange.