Hello from Myndology!

Hello! As some of you might know, I am the owner of the small business Myndology. We have been in business for 10 years now, and things are going as great as ever. I have been watching DIY Planner and other similar sites now for several years, and it amazes me the kind of draw that this site brings. I hope that my business and I can continue to stoke your passion for stationary.

As I stated above, I have been watching this site now for several years. Until now, I have just been an observer, keeping track of the latest trends and watching what other are posting about my company and my competitor's businesses. Now though, I think I'd like to start to take some time to get into this online discussion a bit more. I've become an official member of the DIY Planner community and my hope is to be back here as often as possible to provide some insight into my business and hopefully to answer some of your questions.

As a little welcoming gift, I have created a new discount code for DIY Planner members to use on our website. You can use code 'potatosalad'. Yes, I know...it's a bit strange, but that's what you get sometimes when you let your employees pick the discount code :) In any event, it's worth 20% off your entire purchase on our site, so go check it out. Remember to enter in the code before you add anything to your cart!

Best Regards,


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Welcome to the greatest place on the web (well at least one of them ;D)

Thank you for the discount~! Being a fellow Wisconsinite, I may finally have to break down and make a purchase... just to support the local econ hehe.

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to DIY! I bought some of the Journal, 3x5 and fobster disc-bound notebooks when you had the DIYP discount a couple months ago.
I use a Journal for Sermon notes, fits in the Bible case great. My kids claimed the 3x5s real quick!!

Happy you Like!

Well, I'm glad to hear you were able to take advantage of our previous offer. Please, help yourself to some "potatosalad"!

Welcome, Jason

living in Europe, I can't take advantage of your offer, but thank you all the same. Funny, I was going to have potatosalad for supper tonight, only I got side-tracked here. Well, allmost got it twice.

Welcome, Jason!

Any word on the new product line you mentioned? =)

Yes! New Myndology Bio-line!

Actually yes, I do have some new info on that. We are very close to offering the bio-line of products. I've got a few meetings lined up over the next week to discuss things, but we should see a release in the next month or two. I've got a few designs that I' ll try to post on our website sometime this week so you can see what the new line might look like. I'll let everyone know once they are up.


AND the crowd goes WILD ~!!!

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Oooooh, very cool! =)

Oooooh, very cool! =)


Hello Jason, and welcome! I have to admit that the Myndology/Atoma disc-binding line looks very tempting, though without a reasonably-priced hole punch, I must admit that the appeal was more limited to me -- much like our European friends feel when they salivate over the Levenger Circa system, and then get all faint when they factor in the shipping costs. The only such punch I've seen is from Adoc (which seems to be compatible) and is an office model, meaning that it's about an order of 10 more expensive than a Circa or Rolla desktop punch (MSRP of $600 vs $60.)

I was drawn here by my growing frustration at buying a refill from Franklin Covey that didn't do what I needed, was too small for me, and did not offer fountain-pen-friendly paper. With a punch in hand and a reckless afternoon at Staples ;-) I can remedy these problems. If you have any insights about how you might support the more DIY-inclined, that would be great.

The punch is comming

Have a look at this post. I have also been in touch with Atoma a little while ago, and they said the punch would be in the region of 90 Euros, making it roughly the same as the Circ/Rolla punches. Just think of those wooden rings you could use.....Had Jon not so kindly arranged the Rollabind punch for me, I would have gone for the Atoma punch.

Does that mean...

...that it came???


Alas, not yet. I live on the

Alas, not yet. I live on the most western edge of the UK, and way out in the boonies, so delivery can take a day or two extra. And, as you'll recall, I forgot to give you my post code, so the package probably needed extra handling. It took one week with Reepie, who lives close to the main distribution point in the UK. Hopefully in the next day or two. I've promissed myself a day off from my project to have some punching fun.

The punch for Europe

Thanks for the calling the Atoma and sharing a valuable comment re punches available in Europe. Before I say anything else, this is a GOOD news, compared to Adoc's products, or Atoma currently provides really beautiful pre-made planners, etc., but doesn't supply DIYish items (punch, disks, etc.). (Quite paradoxally: Atoma claims to be originator of this system, so perfect for the DIY enthusiasts, yet they seem to be among the ones supplying only the ready-made goods.)

However, there is one "small" detail - as Atoma surely knows, the 90 EUR (more or less) is not the same as 90 USD, but closer to 130+ USD... or more (particularly now that the USD is dropping steadily vs. EUR). The difference is even bigger for European non-EU countries (like mine), especially when you add the postage fees. Now compare this to www.sizzix.com or www.wilde-ideas.com (PBS 1000 - ca 59 USD or less; sometimes even with free S & H and a bonus disk pack). Blessed competition :D Which makes potential private arrangements (read: friends, Jon, etc.) with the U.S. still quite appealing and definitely competitive... and gives me idea to think of buying 2 punches instead of one, either from Jon or other private channels, and still save some...

Please keep us updated :D


Since when did Sizzix.com start selling planner stuff? Sorry to be dense, but I just have to know! :-)

Aw, shucks!

Rats, I just broke down and ordered a bunch of stuff from you 2 weeks ago. Oh well, now I can convinced friends to use the discount to try the stuff out themselves, I guess.

I'm a big fan of the Levenger version of the hPDA - maybe you guys might think about making such a thing? A big feature is the portrait orientation 3x5 cards, methinks. Ever since I got my order I've been using your mini cards as short-list and reminder inserts into a Levenger hPDA, but, of course, the ring fit is imperfect. Your prices make me reconsider getting a punch for Circa, if only you had the portrait orientation lined 3x5 cards, with holes on the top.

Any chance that you

will be carrying the Atoma bio line? I sent a message at your web site but never got a response.

As a matter of fact, Yes!

Hi emoore, sorry about not getting back to you when you contacted us on our website.

As you can see above from my post back to JediGamer, we are indeed looking at releasing the bio-line of products. Our hope is to see it available in the next month or two. Stay tuned!

I finally broke down...

...and ordered a couple notebooks and refills in the index card and journal sizes. I'm looking forward to playing with them. I'm also hoping that the punched blanks will behave in my printer, so I can print out some of my favorite templates from here and elsewhere.

Please let us know when you have a punch available, preferably one that can handle more than one or two pages at one time.

btw - I love potatosalad!

Thanks for the discount :)

Thanks for the discount code, Jason. :) I just ordered a few of those small notetakers you have. Love the colors! And the size makes me think they are going to be very handy.

I may have missed you talking about this, but are you going to be getting a punch for the larger notebooks? Still, I may break down and get a few because of the great colors, even though they aren't strictly compatible with my Circa system.

And any chance of bigger rings?

LOL I'm only asking... I love what you already do carry. :)

Rollabind/Myndology compatability

Just to comment, I recently found a deal on a portable Rolla punch that I couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, the punch came with the smallest possible discs that wouldn't hold much of anything. So, I thought I'd swap in my larger Myndology discs.

It works. I don't see any real issues, the pages need to be semi taut when turning (turn from the outside, not the inside), but I haven't had any problems. Aside from the fact that these are also still too small! =)

So, I will probably order some filler paper from Jason soon, but the rolla punch works just fine to piece my system together!


Yes I would have to second that. I heard it was non compatible too but I was surprised that it works both ways.
Duc Ly

Welcome, Mr. Myndology!

Just a shout-out from a satisfied Myndology customer....

I made two purchases at Myndology over the past couple months (originally visited after an obscure reference in a DIY thread).

Jason, you have provided very good customer service.... replied promptly to an email service question.... happily changed the address on an order mid-stream for me. VentiDarkRoast will shop there again!

Myndology seems a good value for the money.... I'm finding more and more uses for the disc-bound notebooks and index cards at home and office... will definitely be back for more.

Even though I have only tried the disc bound, the Muse (ring-bound) line does look intriguing. Has anyone found interesting uses for that one!?

Good Luck to you, Jason.
-Dan P.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


I have a couple of the small ring bound items... I am still deciding. There are so many possibilities. I kind of like the "portable inbox" idea - one card per idea like GTD calls for. (I never have used one 3x5 for JUST one idea).

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks Venti, for your kind words! We do value our customers, and we consider it our top priority to make sure that everyone who orders from us is satisfied with their purchases. I am glad we were able to get your address changed and get your order out to you!


study polish

I use it mainly to study Polish.
Duc Ly

A jak idzie? ;-) -Jon

A jak idzie? ;-)



tak dobra dobra

Jonglass are you Polish?
I need to learn more.

Duc Ly


I need to learn more.

Immersion is the best way, but barring that, find a local Polish person, and spend as much time each day in conversation. It is easy to learn a language academically. When I studied Polish on the university here in Krakow, I always got 5s, and the occasional 6. I could read quite well after 3 months of study, but understanding spoken Polish comes only from speaking it. The only way I can describe how it works is by saying that it seems to complete circuits in your brain that wouldn't get closed otherwise.

Polish is especially difficult for native English speakers, or other languages that are syntactic rather than inflected. Because Polish is inflected, syntax is not so important for comprehension--subtleties of meaning, yes, but that's a different subject.

Here's an example that I hope people will find amusing, even if you aren't interested in languages.

In English, we have the sentence, "The dog bit the boy." Dog is the subject; boy the object.

In Polish, it's "pies ugryzl chlopca",
"pies" is dog, "ugryzl" is bit, and "chlopca" is the inflected form of "chlopiec" which is boy. The change in the word means that it is the object of the sentence.

So, if you were to say in Polish, "chlopca ugryzl pies" you haven't changed a thing, except to place the emphasis more on the boy than on the dog. The boy was still bitten by the dog, and that's _still_ not news. ;-)

However, if I wrote "chlopiec ugryzl psa" (psa is still dog), you now have the boy biting the dog, and _that's_ news. ;-)

What is most funny to me is that when I explain to Poles that if I said "chlopca ugryzl piec" in English, that it would mean that the boy bit the dog, they always think that's the funniest thing--and thereupon think that English is an extremely dull language. ;-)


Are you Hungry?

I have to relay an language incident here. I get confused with similar words and sounds. So when my Polish mother-in-law asked me 'Are you hungry?' in Polish. Instead of saying No I'm not hungry....I said "No, Sh*T!". They nearly died laughing.
Duc Ly


Embarassing! Probably the most common problem Americans have is with the different "sh" sounds (sz and si) (and yes, I was counted in that number!). So when saying "please" "prosze" Americans usually say "prosie" which means piglet. ;-) So.... most Americans go around calling people pigs! (in a manner of speaking!)



I too have made two purchases at myndology.com, and I am a very happy girl. I love the colors of the disk bound notebooks, and the small ring size and soft covers makes them exceptionally handy to throw in a tote or bookbag. I'm anxiously awaiting the promised punch...HINT! :-)

The journal size notebooks are slightly larger than half a sheet of 8.5x11. I *love* this size! I'm working on my own forms so that I can start filling up my myndology journals with personalized pages just as soon as that punch is ready...HINT!

For those of you with a taste for micro-mini-midget-teeny things, myndology also carries a 2"x3" notebook. I'm going to order a few of these when I order a punch...HINT!

I would love to see notebooks offered with grid and blank paper instead of just ruled. I'd also like for the paper to be slightly heavier weight. But neither of these things are deal-breakers for me.

Did I mention that there's supposed to be a punch soon? Jason told me so himself! :-)


I've had the pleasure to use Mynd Products!
What a great line of stuff :)
Duc Ly

Any word ...

... on the new products? I have money I want to spend! =)

old mynd

Not the new bio line yet.
just the old stuff.
Any news?
Duc Ly

I just checked

the Myndology web site and no sign of the bio line yet nor did I see a punch. I know there must have been a discussion of the Circa punches and whether they fit the Myndology discs. What was the outcome?

rollabind punch paper works on mynd disc.

Yes I did a test on this. I must show the link...Rolla-Mynd-hack
That link shows my hack in which I punch the plastic sheet with a Rollabind Portable Puncher. The smurf fits the Myndology/atoma discs just fine. And here: CircaRollaToma in which I show that three products can C0EXIST.

Duc Ly

Great to know that the 3 systems can work together.

Surely it's a sign from the universe that I must now purchase some Myndology products (I have Circa and Rolla is on order) so I can test this myself.

i love all three

some days require some color and pizazz... other days require some 'professional' diggs.

now i can hide whatever notebook I want in my levenger compact zip folio and its my lil secret :D heheh

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Check again!

Hi guys...check the site again here:

Myndology Website

You should see the new Bare products! Here's the official DIY Post:

Myndology Website

Hope you enjoy!


Couldn't resist

Well, I forgot to look for a new journal/notebook when I went to Border's last night. I decided to gander at the web site and woo-hoo, just what I was looking for, a notebook that I can rearrange and replace pages without being a three ring binder. Being a sysadmin, I keep a lot of notes, but things change a lot and there is a lot of adds, changes and removes in my notes. I also ordered a set of ring bound for the kiddies (flash cards) and a notebook for the wife (writes everything everywhere).

I kind of stumbled on DIY, read Getting Things Done and converted my Franklin-Covey to D*I*Y/GTD (should post some pics). Just starting out, but it seems much better than the Franklin-Covey Time Mgmt (took the course and everything a while back) method for me.

Franklin Covey to GTD

I made the switch over too from FC to GTD. There are things that I miss like the monthly Index, but I can make up a sheet on the Circa/rolla book and put it anywhere. With FC, I got tired of transfering tasks from day to day.

Duc Ly

It's August.

Where's the Bio line / Punch??? Seriously!
I'm going to pee my pants out of anticipation, lol.

No need to hold it any longer!

Where's the Bio line? Just released! Here's the official post on DIY...

Official Post

As for the punch...it's currently crossing the Atlantic and should arrive at our office soon! We're as excited as you are about it and we can't wait for it to arrive. As soon as it does, we'll get it finalized and get it out there for everyone!!


As for the punch

Oh I can't wait for the punch!
That's going to give us so many more choices in color!
Duc Ly

*punch punch punch*

I'm going to chant that all day, every day until it's here!


THANK YOU!!!! The bio line looks very cool! :)

happy day, nay nay