Buying planners for a company

Hi everyone, new guy posting. I promise I've done my homework but I guess what I'm trying to do is at least a little unusual.

I'm looking at buying planners for a company. And by company I mean a troop of Cav Scouts in the Army.

Here's the problem I'm trying to address: we regularly have packing lists, timetables, op orders and assorted crap that has to be disseminated to at least a dozen people at a time. Normally we NCOs tediously recite everything and then have to deal with the inevitable mistakes in transcription.

Solution: give everyone a pocket sized notebook (that fits in their pocket) with 5 or 6 (or however many) rings, print out the information and pass it out. The soldiers then clip it into their notebooks and they're on their merry way. 6 3/4" by 3 3/4" fits nicely into pockets on the shoulders of ACUs, and it's still big enough to be useful. I've even found someone who supplies pre-punched, perforated paper, but I don't think it fits the holes on the planner I bought.

I'm good with computers and can coax Office into doing what I want, so templates aren't an issue.

Caveats: The biggest problem I've seen is that there seems to be no standardization for small paper sizes. I *really* don't want to have to use paper cutters and hole punches. We'd be using this stuff on a daily basis, and if it doesn't work smoothly people won't adopt it. I'd also like people to have at least a few options, and I don't want the manufacturer to get bored with the paper size we're using and have to buy new planners and redesign the templates. And we go through a ton of paper...

Bonus: waterproof paper would be nice, but we can always stash it in a ziplock baggie.

Questions: Is 6 3/4" by 3 3/4" a fairly generic paper size? Do you know of any companies that supply both the planners and printer paper? Will paper punched for a Mead planner fit in a Dayrunner? Or, is there a solution I haven't thought of?

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Have you found the solution you needed?

You certainly have quite a few different practical issues to deal with.

It seems to me that the paper is the most complex part of the problem - once you decide what you're going to print on you can look at various options for binding it.

All I can suggest is
- using an existing sized paper (eg cards, perforated sheets - which cost quite a bit)
- or getting a lot of paper cut by a printer to suit your needs
- or using something like a label printer with a roll of paper, giving you something a bit like a supermarket receipt that the everyone can use. This might be an easy as the paper is already slim, although having a label printer availabe might be a hassle.

As for containers you could use
- a notebook/binder
- or a mini-clip binder (one of those flat boards with a clip at the top)
- or golf score-card folder
- or simply clip the papers together and put them into something like a plastic pocket protector or sunglasses case

I hope that helps

3.75 x 6.75 might be a good choice

I think 3.75 x 6.75 paper is not uncommon. Filofax, DayRunner, and DayTimer all sell binders, paper and accessories in this size. And the more inexpensive college-ruled filler paper is often found at discount stores. Franklin Covey's paper is wider; it is 4.25 wide by 6.75 high. All these brands seem to have the six holes punched in the same array. (You can sometimes find inexpensive vinyl 6-ring binders in this size too; they are handy for archival storage or in situations where you want less weight and bulk.)

As you might surmise, the FC paper might be too wide to use in a binder from one of the other brands, but you can fit the other brands' paper in an FC binder.

Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge FC is the only company which makes binders with ring sizes bigger than one inch in this 6.75-inch-tall paper size.

I do not know anything about how best to feed 3.75 x 6.75 into a printer. I printed a few things on my HP Photosmart All-in-One and then it stopped taking in any paper; i may have broken the paper sensor. I am thinking about buying a Xerox Workcentre PE 220 which apparently supports sizes as small a 3x5 but I haven't proceeded far in my due diligence or investigation. Maybe someone else will post more about how you would design and print to the 3.75 x 6.75.

Good luck. Wish I could be more helpful.

Thank you for serving in the Army. Appreciate it very much.