Substitute for Levenger "Walletini" (mini pen)?

Is there an affordable, readily available substitute for Levenger's "Walletini" mini pen? At Office Max or Staples for instance? If so, how hard would it be to find refills and how much would those cost?

Just to be clear, for my intended purpose it isn't enough that it be short, it needs to be really thin.

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Have you looked ?

I recall seeing some very thin pens in Office Depot, but I cannot find them on their web pages. These were very skinny and about 5 inches long.
Another place to try is a Border's Books. Surprisingly, they have lots of writing instruments and stuff like Moleskine notebooks.

A quick Google turned up these:
Foldz Flat Pen - I like this one :)
Rajoyoda pens
Derringer Pen
Xonex Piccolo Wallet Pen -- lots of these on eBay
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Zebra mini or Space pen

When I have to have a ballpoint, I like to use either my Space Pen, or the steel-barreled Zebra. And I know someone on this site suggested making a "space zebra" using a Space pen refill in a Zebra, which would be very cool. The Space Pen is a two-hander, since you need to remove the cap to write.

Zebra's basic 301 comes in a compact version which I've not yet tried, but is intriguing. I've never seen the Expandz model in stores, but I haven't looked, either.

I'd personally go for a Zebra mini though, it looks like an all-steel barrel. The problem I have with their 301 and 402 lines is that the grip is usually plastic, and I tend to eventually crack/break that part.


such temptation :D

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Zebra mini

My wife and I both have Zebra F301 compact. She loves it for the checkbook, purse, etc. I don't carry mine anymore. Initially picked it up to companion with the moleskine, but didn't like the plastic grip nor two-handed that much. Otherwise, was a great pen, typical Zebra.

I always like the 402 - the grip was soft and not brittle. There was another one that was a solid metal barrel, but black rubberized cover. Still have some from college days.

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Original Space Pen

I think the original design of the Space Pen is a click to write design and I think it's still available. (You click the end button to bring down the point, then press a little button on the side to retract.)

I just refilled mine with red ink for edits. (For when I'm being lazy and fountain pen ink won't flow uphill (lol as in when I'm laying down).)

Tiny skinny Space Pen

I have two very thin small Space Pens (click to write) that are great to tuck into a notebook.

Edited: After writing this, I went and dug them out of my reading bag and discovered I'd remembered them wrong... They are NOT click to write, but pull off the cap to write. Sorry for that misinformation.

I do have a tiny click to write, but it's an older one from Levenger that they used to send out with a couple of their accessories. Not sure they ever sold it by itself.

Old mini pens from Levenger

I also have a mini pen that came from an older Levenger product. Do you know how to find refills that will fit???

The Pilot Berdie range is

The Pilot Berdie range is very cheap. They do a mechanical pencil, a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. Cased in stainless steel, they are also durable and stylish.


... appears to be only available in Europe and Asia, according to Google.

A few on eBay
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... appears to be only

... appears to be only available in Europe and Asia, according to Google.

Yup, saw the ballpoint and mechanical pencil at my neighbourhood Popular Bookstore. Also saw the Zebra mini, as well as a capped mini Pilot with a hole on the cap, which means it can be attached to a notebook via a ring mechanism.

Didn't get any of the above as they are ballpoints (well, except for the pencil). I'm a rollerball user, and if any of the above can take a rollerball or gel refill, I will surely get it.

Looking for mini rollerball too

Just found this thread. Everyone beat me to suggesting the Zebra F301 Compact. I carry one on my keychain. The steel barrel is rugged and the refills always start. I've had trouble with mini-pen refills -- they need a lot of priming to get going after sitting in my pocket for a couple days. (Or at least the ones I've had did.)

Like you, I would prefer to have a pocket-size rollerball or gel instead of a ballpoint. Does anyone know of a site that lists dimensions, etc. of various refills so that we could see which ones might fit into the Zebra or Pilot barrels?

Pen refill compatibility

Here's a Pen refill compatibility thread on It mentions putting a fisher space pen refill in the F-301 compact. It's not a rollerball refill, but they may mention other that will work, or at least be able to answer your questions. The only thing I have to try is a G-2 mini, the refills of which don't fit. They're both too wide, and too short.

I love the F-301 Compact as a small pen. It's too large for my main wallet, but works perfectly for the FC task list wallet. Sure, a gel pen would be better, but I find when I'm out and about, I just want to have 'a pen'. I keep a gel pen (G2 usually) with any of my notebooks, so if I need to write anything significant, I usually have a gel pen anyway. I've had a couple of the F-301 Compacts for a while now, and have only just spotted the hole for a keyring. I was about to ask how on earth you attached one to your keys before spotting it. Now to see about attaching one to my keys....

Thanks for the link to the

Thanks for the link to the comparison chart, mivok! Looks like a useful place to go. I recently stumbled on the concept of EDC (Every Day Carry, for the uninitiated). There seems to be a lot of overlap with the DIYPlanner universe.

To make my Zebra Compact even more useful, I attached a small quick-release clip (not sure what they're called -- looks like a bigger version of those tiny necklace clasps) so that I can quickly and easily detach the metal barrel from the keyring when I need a full-length pen, like for extended writing sessions.

The only drawback is that the Compact's hole is v-e-r-y tiny, and you can't run a standard keyring through it. Nylon thread or a thin wire ring would work.


I only happened upon it when looking for a bag to carry all my stuff in. Now I have lots more things I want to buy... and not all from levenger for once. I have no self control :(

Zebra Mini Pen


Check out this pen on I just bought one and it is very small, probably on the order of the Walletini. They also have a mini pencil, and the Otto Tasche mini fountain pen too.

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Otto Tasche mini fountain pen

Here. I have one and it is great.
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Pilot G2 Mini

Thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions.

I'll have to check them out the next time I'm at Office Max or Staples.

very thin pen sells a Zebra mini pen that fits into the fold of a man's wallet. It is very thin & only about 4" long.

Walletini-Like Pens

Franklin Covey is selling pens that match its FlipNote pads that are $3 apiece and they are about the same size as Levenger's Walletini pen.

Try the Marvy Uchide St.

Try the Marvy Uchide St. Tropez Petite. It comes in many colors and is available on-line through a few sources for about $5.00. About 4" and very slim, with a stylus for a PDA on the other end.

I buy these at an art supply

I buy these at an art supply store. I'm not sure if all art stores carry them, but they are a good source for excellent, and unusual, pens and pencils.

Pilot i-Tec-C Couleur Mini Gel Ink Pen @

I love the Pilot i-Tec-C Couleur Mini Gel Ink Pen. It's slim and is about 4.75" long. The barrel comes in a variety of colors and the ink refills are available in black, red and blue.

I picked mine up at a Japanese stationary store (either Maido or Kinokuniya in California) and have seen it at art supply stores.