Site slowdowns

Some of you may have noticed that, at times, this site is slowing to an absolute crawl. The fact that the slowdowns are intermittent, and generally only last for short periods at a time, makes me believe that external forces (such as spambots) are at work. The slowdowns are often accompanied by "too many connections" errors. We're looking into this, and hope to resolve the problems shortly.

all my best,

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Attack of the Spambots and Spiders!

Those things really should be stopped. I hope the good guys find a way to stay one step ahead.

Attempt at slowdown fixes tomorrow

I really have to apologise for all the intermittent slowdowns these past few weeks. We're still thinking it's a database issue, and eric and I will try to fix the issue tomorrow by moving the database to another host.

So we beg your patience if the site suddenly disappears tomorrow, redirects you to Microsoft, or explodes violently. (Yes, we'll have back-ups handy....) Wish us luck!

all my best,

I do wish you luck....

I'm in the midst of moving a dozen sites to a new reseller account myself, and while it's not something I've never done before, it's still NOT FUN....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

Still slow, I know...

We moved the database to another host, but that doesn't seem to have helped clear up the speed issues. We're trying a few other ideas now. Please be patient.... I know it's a bit frustrating. To me, too.

all my best,

Site slowdowns fixed?

Well, we tried and we tried, but we were having major problems tracking down the source of the site slowdowns. We figured it had something to do with database connections on our hosting provider, but it was difficult to find conclusive proof. I had just picked up the phone to call their tech support when I noticed that the site loaded in about 4-8 seconds, as opposed to the 40-120 seconds an hour before.

So, it appears as though our problems with the host have been fixed for now. We'll be keeping a careful eye on the site and looking for some good diagnostic measures in case the slowdown ever happens again.

Thanks for your patience, folks, and thanks for sticking with us.

all my best,