Office Depot killjoy

I've developed a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else has it...

I used to love to go to office supply stores and drool over everything. But since I got into Rollabind and fountain pens and truly lovely things, Office Depot just doesn't hold the same thrill for me anymore. Oh, sure, it's fun to browse, but they don't carry the things I'm wanting these days.

Kinda sad, really. But on the other hand I have glorious and wonderful supplies at home to play with! :)

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It's not really a problem,

It's not really a problem, since you have the solution to it (the glorious and wonderful supplies at home).

Having said that, I still go to the stationery section of the department stores I frequent here. I may not need to get notebooks (I have my Circa system) but I still need pens!

A little dream...

I wish there was a store I could go to full of fountain pens and beautiful papers... Ah well. Someday I'll move to a bigger city. :)


we may no longer have an Office Depot in Krakow, but we have little stores on many corners that have dozens of fountain pens. I was in a store recently, that had pens ranging from a few zloty to _thousands_! I was shocked at both the prices and variety! No, this was not a "pen" store, but a stationery store. I thought that some here would give their G2s to see this stuff. ;-)


I know what you mean...

I have a Staples on my way in to work, and now that I'm Circafied, I tend to haunt different aisles.

It's not joyless, though, as I've picked up various interesting papers and things from their clearance section: some nice 32# note cards on deep discount, a personal laminator for $4.50(!), a wire mesh desk organizer for holding my hPDA and planner, and -- just found today -- an 11x17" pad of gridded vellum, which I'm looking forward to cutting down into a super-slim notebook.

I've all but given up on their pens selection, and now that I DIY, I don't need to wander through the planner/binder/organizer aisle at all.


...there's also the printer aisle! You can look at, and dream about printers that can print on 3x5s and the interesting color forms you can print, etc. Surely there's _something_ there! We lost our only Office Depot a few years ago, and there's been nothing to replace it since. :-(



I'd settle for a working printer! My in-laws bought us this huge monster inkjet that scans and copies and does everything but the dishes, but it's jammed and I can't get to the jammed section to fix it. Grrrrr.

The organizer aisle

I admit, I sometimes look at the organizer binders and drool over the clever designs. But I know I don't need one. Heck, I ditched my Dayrunner Flatpack binder because even that was extra weight and space in my bag. My planner right now is a plain Rollabind junior notebook with the black plastic cover from the Rollabind website. If I could afford Levenger foldovers in both junior and letter size, I'd get them. (And yes, I watch eBay.) Those would be lovely and perfect. But for now I'll stick with my plain book, a hair tie around the covers to keep it closed. (Note that I work in a very casual environment and don't need to look professional or anything. If I get a better job that requires looking nice, I'll spring for the Levengers.)

So yeah, the binders are purdy and I like feeling up the leather. :)

Same here!

I keep thinking that I'll magically find a Buxton or other planner cover in the right size... and then realize that I don't need one, because it won't allow the Circa fold-around trick. I console myself by checking the pens and then buying something random from clearance ("oh, I'll be sure to use this... someday.")


What I really want is a foldover like the Levenger that has a strap to keep it closed, like a Moleskine. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make one. Too bad I know nothing about leather-working...

Hey, I've stopped using the

Hey, I've stopped using the Dayrunner Flatpack, too! Mainly because the sound of the zipper being opened and closed was beginning to irritate me! But I still use it sometimes, especially on weekends - it's great for keeping a book, my PDA and a pen enclosed.

I'm now using the Circa red leather junior foldover that I bought over the Christmas season when there was a 20% discount promo. My planner is in it and I absolutely love it!

I'm also using a Circa letter size notebook that came with another Levenger item I bought a few years ago. I don't know what the covers are made of but they are sturdy enough to support the papers inside. And I like the bigger size, especially when opened - lots more room to scribble in! And because we don't get letter size paper here in Malaysia, what I'm doing for refills is trim A4 size paper down to the right length to fit inside the notebook.

Sorry for digressing here.

New to replace the old...

Addictions, that is. Wait til you discover a cool paper shop. :) I have a store in my area that's a combo of art supplies AND office supplies. Now there's a dangerous place to browse.

And once you get your printer fixed, there're all sorts of wonderful papers to print out. I don't scrapbook but I love some of the digital papers out now and have a modest collection of them. Do I need ecru ledger-esque 3 x 5 cards with faint baroque swirls? LOL Oh, yeah... :D

(Yes, I'm easily amused, and no, I don't watch much television so I do have time to play!)

And, YES, I actually use the papers I buy and the ones I print out. I decided quite a while ago - back when everything was 'precious' - that I could run a paper museum or I could enjoy fulfilling the destiny of all that beautiful paper by using it.

Oh, I'd forgotten...

There's an art-and-office-supply place here in town that I'd forgotten about... Maybe I'll have to go browsing one payday. :)

Ann Arbor

Not only does the downtown area here (the birthplace of Borders may I add) have multiple stationary, pen, art, and gift stores, we also have this:

paper store

Given that the economy is so bad in Michigan right now, it is my duty to go shopping. At least, that is what I tell myself…

I could also add that there are two Staples, two Office Maxes, and one Office Depot in the area, but I wouldn’t want to rub it in too much. The best thing about having so many choices is that I can spread out my browsing time among them so the employees do not get to know me and become suspicious. Now that -- thanks to all of you -- I’ve learned to hack my office supplies, looking through the aisles takes so much longer. I have to look at everything not just for its intended use, but for what could be done to it.


I went to UM when Borders was just a single store on State street across from Jake's -- it was so exciting to be able to draw up a stool and browse the books.

You're inspiring me to go out and find some paper to cover the IKEA boxes I use to store my office supplies.

common problem

I often pick up things, look them over and then put them back... thinking "heck I can DO that" ... sometimes thats the best part... free ideas, no charge, no sales tax.

Everytime I think of buying a moleskine, I think to the 'alternative' I found at HobbyLobby for a smidgin of the price... and then comes the voice "do I REALLY need another notebook?"

I strongly suggest getting in good terms with your local print shop... the amount of paper I come home with each week is amazing... I have paper coming out of my ears! If I didn't use it, it would go straight into the recycling dumpster... at least I can reuse it once before its recycled.

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I live in an area with two

I live in an area with two Staples, two Office Maxes, two Office Depots, three teacher supply stores, four art stores, and a specialty paper store, all within a twenty mile radius of my home. It's a very, very dangerous place to live...

Crash space ?

How much floor space do you have that can accomodate sleeping bags ?

Road Trip !!!!! :)
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Count me in!

I will bring my own sleeping bag and sleep in the yard!
Jealous me,
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Look for small stores

In my area, the things you want (and me too) can be found at smaller, locally owned stationary or office supply stores. I have a wonderful one in my neighboring town which sells Rhodia, Clairfontaine, and Milquerius papers, fountain pen inks, high quality index cards, every gel pen ever made, etc. So my guidance is to steer away from the chains and go for the locals (besides, you'll be helping locals and sticking it to the chain stores). Even if a locally owned store doesn't carry things you're lusting for, I've found that such places are often very interested in special ordering or even stocking small quantities of things you may suggest (just try that with Staples).

Having said that, I, too, have been known to wander the aisles of Staples and Office Max in a consumerist trance. They have their place (as my wallet reminde me...) (It's also my good fortune that I can make day trips to Manhattan, where resides Art Brown, the Fountain Pen Hospital, and more....).

Also College and University bookstores

Locally, the small college and larger university bookstores all have cool stuff, which is often particularly nice because they are not geared to business. (More colorful, etc.) The university bookstore has both Clairefontaine and Rhodia (haven't checked the college one).

If you have one close by, it might be worth a look.

childhood memories

We had a small locally owned office supply store in the 'hood but it has long since closed :(

I remember my dad would take me there and I would get one or two things every trip... usually pens. :d oh how i miss small shops like that!

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