Going on Safari... A Journal Safari

This weekend marks the first in a series of long weekends for us Americans. I'll be heading out tomorrow to the "Great Outdoors" with camp gear in toe for some serious camping. I'm excited! I love camping. Of course, I'll be bringing my trusty Moleskine journal with me and a few extra supplies to record thoughts and maybe some sketches of gorgeous Mt. Hood. So, this week, I'll leave you all with a little homework assignment. Don't groan, it'll be fun and you don't need to escape your home for the wilds of the Great Outdoors. You're going on safari!

First, you'll need to grab a few friends. Or not. But going on a safari is definitely more fun when you got a few friends to pal around. Discuss where you want to go, what to see and what themes to write or sketch about in your journals. If you like, make it more than one location throughout the day. The change in venue helps spark creativity and helps you to make multiple entries. Or go to your local museum and spend various days entering information about the various rooms your museum has. Point is, gathering friends up means you'll be making the commitment to attempt this fun outing and that you follow through with it.

Assemble your travel journal kit. Pull together your crayons, watercolor pens and paints and whatever doodads and doohickies you KNOW you'll wanna bring with you on your safari. If you're going to head out for the whole day, you may also want to pack a snack and carry a water bottle with you so you don't go hungry or get dehydrated.

When the weekend comes, head out! Wake up early and grab your gear. Walk, drive or hike into the meeting destination. Synchronize watches with your safari buddies and talk about the plan... adjusting according to weather or location. Spread out and give yourself plenty of room to create. Take in the sights and the smells as you're unpacking your kit in preparation for the first entry. Allow your senses to become one with the location. Then, when you're good and ready... journal what you see. If you're stationed in the museum, give yourself plenty of time to view each room's offerings. Take in each painting or statue and then when the muse hits, write or sketch what you see. Create lives for those pieces of art! What advice would they give you if you asked them for it? Get wild. Sketch clothing ideas for various statues.

At the end of your day meet back up with your journalling crew. Your fingers will be covered in paint or glue and your notebooks filled with doodles, quotes and souvenirs from all the places you went to. Your body exhausted from the various sitting styles and miles walked to get to each destination and back. And your mind busting full with ideas and things you want to share with your buddies. Go out for dinner or set up the BBQ and grill some good food and swap and share those safari journals and stories with one another. Imagine you are just getting back from a long vacation and are sharing your memories and moments with your friends and family. Have a toast to a successful safari day and then start discussing when you'll have your next journal safari vacation.

I'll see ya back online next Tuesday. If you DID go out on your own Journal Safari, I'd love to see what you uncovered. Just scan in your entries and post them to our DIY Planner flickr group. Happy hunting and enjoy the extended break.

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