Circa/Rolla Desk Punch question

I got a Rollabind Desk Punch today!! Bought it on E-bay.
My question is:

Where should the paper guide be set for the classic size pages? I got it figured out with the Portable, but am having trouble lining things up on the Desk punch.


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What you probably need to do

What you probably need to do is test some scraps to see where the guide should be. I do that because I use my desktop punch for different size papers (A5, A6, 3x5) and so the guide gets moved quite a bit and then I forget where it's supposed to be for a particular size paper when I next need it for that size!

What I do is I move the guide to where I think it should be, punch a piece of scrap (it needn't be the full size but just enough for a couple of notches) and then line up the punched scrap against a previous page that had been punched. Once I get the alignment right, I punch up a stack so I don't have to do it again too often.

Mark the punch

Once you've decided where you like to line up your cards or paper, I'd suggest putting a marker on the punch itself. You could just mark it with a Sharpie, but what I do is print out a label on my label machine that says what the length is for. I have several on my punch, one for vertical 3 x 5s, another for horizontal 3 x 5s, another for 5 x 8s, etc. I leave the paper guide alone on the letter length.

Have fun! There are all sorts of great possibilities!

You beat me to the...

...punch. ;-) I was going to suggest the Sharpie idea--that's what I do.

However, for some things, like short edge of 3x5s and A7 size, I have no problems eyeballing. If I'm just doing one or two, I'll just eyeball it. If I have more, I set it, but then move it back to my Sharpie mark for A5.



If you have any classic sized paper that is already punched, you could use that as a template...

Worse comes to worse... count out 8 punch things and center your paper so all 8 are hitting paper... slide the thing and presto :D

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Smurf spacing made easy

The smurfs are an inch apart.
8 smurfs cover a width of 7 inches
that leaves 1.5 inches
divide that in half
the end smurfs should be centered .75 inches away from the edge of the paper.

The punch is marked with smurf-centers

And there you have it.
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I'm not sure about the Rolla punch

The punch from Levenger has a sliding metal bar marked with fractions of an inch. To properly punch a sheet of paper, you set the bar at the zero position, and rest the paper up against the edge. This is exactly like various three-hole punches we have around the office.

For covers, you slide the bar outward a bit to allow for the longer edge, or just eyeball it and do it by hand to avoid getting an extra hole in the cover (this is what I do.)

Checking my store-bought Classic-size Rolla paper, the centers of the first and last smurfs on the page are *almost* 3/4 of an inch inwards from the edge of the page. ygor's got it right in theory, but my pages don't measure out to that in Real Life.

The general trick is just centering whatever you're punching so you don't have any smurfs too close to the edge. Oh, and making sure that you re-center the guide bar if any *before* stomping though a bunch of 3x5's producing lots of pretty scrap cards... :-o


If you want to punch classic size (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) and you want to punch along the long side of the paper, it's super simple with the Rollabind portable punch.

The 8 1/2 inch side will align perfectly to the guide's "teeth". The top end will align perfectly to the left side of one tooth and the bottom end will align perfectly to the right side of another tooth. Center, then punch by sliding the punch into the endentations for that purpose.

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I kept playing with it last night and marked it with a Sharpie.

I've had the portable punch for 5 or 6 years, so I had that one figured out already. I use the bottom of the first slot (is that what you are calling a tooth, Tournevis?) to line the top of the paper.

Fun, fun, fun!!