Dual circaPDAs

So I've been playing with this idea since someone mentioned something on this forum... :) I can't recall the original post... shame on me. :)

These two pictures illustrate what I should be constructing shortly... A way to have two separate but connected hPDAs in one.


My other idea is simply to extend the back cover of my current planner about half an inch... on the top edge. (Debating on whether or not just the 3 inches will be enough) and then circa punching that lil edge. Then I have a "dock" so to speak for my hPDA.

If these work out and I get some time, Ill try to update my blog and get some real pictures.

(Baby mouse comes home tomorrow :D pic1 pic2)

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Interesting idea. Purpose ?

I'd be curious to hear what you plan to do with such a dual notebook. Does this relate at all to the DUplex Filofax that was talked about here ??
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I kind of liked the idea for

I kind of liked the idea for separating "home" from "work" ... :)

Could also be used for right brain / left brain.

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