Weekly view across two Classic pages... hellllllp!

OK, I know that I am smarter that paper, really! But for some reason my brain cannot work this out.

I am trying to print a pre-numbered set of weekly calendar pages which will be cut down to the Classic size for Circa-binding. That is, I would print a whole week's worth of days on a piece of U.S. letter paper in landscape mode, then slice the paper mid-week such that when I'm looking at the pages I see this:

Mon Tue Wed Thu (rings) Fri Sat Sun [notes]*

My problem -- I cannot figure out how to print out the weeks so that it all lines up after I cut the pages. I've been building prototypes from little slips of paper, marking them 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, etc. so that "1A" indicates the left-hand page of week 1 and "1B" is the right-hand page of that same week. On the back of 1B is page 2A (the start of the following week), then 2B is backed with 3A, 3B is backed with 4A, and so on.

Has anyone tried this sort of thing before? I note (with some grumpiness) that the standard planner kit does not pre-print dates on the weekly pages, most likely to save paper, but I suspect because this is a very niddly problem.

I'm using a script that I wrote to actually print out the days -- it's dumping into a tab-delimited text file, which I format in OpenOffice's spreadsheet program for printing.

I cannot do 2-up printing, I am using duplex (on the short side of the paper), and sadly, I cannot convince my printer that I am using 5.5"x8.5" paper (which would solve everything!)

Thanks in advance for any help or tips.

* Yes, I'm doing Monday-based weeks. Also, I'm actually printing two weeks per set of pages, but that doesn't change the problem.

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this may help

(I'm not sure how many weeks you are printing but this shows a 16 page booklet that has a fold down the center.)
'...' = indicates where the rings would be after cutting.

side a 16 ... 1
side b 2 ... 15
side a 14 ... 3
side b 4 ... 13
side a 12 ... 5
side b 6 ... 11
side a 10 ... 7
side b 8 ... 9

I use this for arranging booklets at work (I fold and then saddle stitch). Page 1 would either be an incomplete week or a cover image. Page 16 could be left blank or turned into a type of summary page or maybe a yearly calendar.

I really hope this helps you <3

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That's what I was afraid of: something messy. I was hoping that since I'm actually cutting the pages and not making a folded signature out of them that there would be some kind of clever trick for laying these out. For example, I tried offsetting the "B" days by moving them all down one row.

For programming sanity, I may just go with the mockup I have now, which looks like I'm printing this (... indicates a cut)

1A...2A backed with 1B...blank
3A...4A backed with 3B...2B
5A...6A backed with 5B...4B

I hope to print all 52 weeks this way. Ooh, and I like the idea of a cover image or summary page. I am actually assembling this for my wife, who has been successfully Circa-hacked. :-D

the layout i put up is what

the layout i put up is what i used for my classic sized stuff too... it works...:o) for cutting and circa-ing or three hole punching.

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the problem with the system

the problem with the system you have listed is that duplexing will put 1B on the back of 2A...

I have literally lil slips of paper that I folded in half and stapled together... I wrote the page numbers on them afterwards and I seriously cannot live without out when doing booklet layouts here at work.

Best of luck... I hope your wife adores it! (I know I would :D)

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I think that's not a problem

...because I'm cutting the paper in half to make it classic-sized. So after printing and cutting, I take the 1B/2A classic sheet, flip it over, and punch it. (Not something you could do if the pages are folded.) I'm having OpenOffice center my sheets on the page, so everything should line up properly.

I see great value in assembling a Sara-booklet first! I've been trying to do this in my head and my brains keep leaking out of my ears.

What you are looking for

...is some booklet-making software. On the Mac, we have CocoaBooklet (find it on www.versiontracker.com). What I do in such situations is create my document in 1/2 letter or A5, and then print to the CocoaBooklet pdf option, and it creates the booklets in pdf for me. Once made, you simply open it up in your pdf viewer and print on letter size, then cut, punch, etc...


Got it!

I think it's just the overwhelming number smart folks on this board, but I got it figured out at last!

I agree that having a booklet option would have also done the trick. I hunted around for a solution for my system, but wasn't able to find anything. I did go with my 1A/2A system -- assembly is a little strange, though once you hit a rhythm it's not so bad.

This whole project started because I made my wife a little planner which she's now using a lot. So much so that she wanted to do away with her spiral-bound calendar and just have the pages she needed on-hand. Another convert, methinks... bwa ha ha ha.

Thanks for all the help and tips, everyone.