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So am I the only nut out there who loves the Rapidograph? I came to love them in the late 70s. I've heard that there are now technical pens which have easier to use refills, etc. Does anyone have any preferences about the newer technical pens?

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What's the definition of a technical pen? Something for drafting?

technical pen - definition

Sorry about that. Yes, I believe they are considered to be drafting pens, although it was an artist friend of mine who introduced me to this particular addicition. A good description of a rapidograph can be found Here


I like my pens to produce thin lines. I may have to check those out. Thanks!

One caveat...

In my somewhat dated experience, most technical pens were made to be held nearly vertical for drawing. Not sure if you'd find that comfortable. Perhaps the newer pens are designed to be write well at an angle. I've seen some fiber-tip pens made to write like technical pens, and they could probably be held at a normal pen angle.


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Try vintage...

You might have luck looking around for vintage stylographic pens. Those were made for writing, as opposed to technical drawing.

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They produce very very fine lines

They produce very very fine lines. I have one - a Rotring rapidograph .35 - that I cleaned out an old cartridge for and filled with fountain pen ink. Works every time, never skips, etc. Very nice for the finest of lines. (It's filled with red ink and I sometimes use it for editing.)


What brand of ink did you use in your rapidograph?

J Herbin, maybe?

I don't actually remember, but I put red in it and I don't have that many red inks, so it's probably either J Herbin's Rose Opera or Diamine's Claret. I also have a couple of Noodler's (Ottoman Rose is a favorite), but I'm pretty sure I didn't put any Noodler's in it. I would think that any good fountain pen ink would work (though some of the Noodler's Eternals can be a touch fussy).

The cool thing is that it's been months since I did this and it still writes first time whenever I pick it up. I should note, though, that it seemed to take forever to clean the cart out because it had been sitting for years. I ended up having to use a syringe to get all the old ink out.

Noddler's extremely acidic

I was in Montreal yesterday and I got to talking to Robert Culmer of La Maison du Stylo (one of the best pen shops on the planet, opened since the 1940s) and he was shocked that anyone would be using Noodler's in fountain pens. It is extremely acidic and tells me he's stoped counting the number of feeders and sceals he's had to replace on fountain pens that had been filled with Noodler's. To him (and he's been doing this for 50+ years) the best ink for fountain pens is Quink by Parker because it is more liquid and less acidic than almost all the other inks out there. Second best is Waterman's, that is less liquid, but non-acidic.

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That is great info... maybe you should start a thread just with that info in the pen forum :)

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I'm in love...with a pen

If you like fine lines, check THIS out. I got a 0.05, but they carry a 0.03. I never thought I'd say this, but I think the 0.03 might be too fine for me!

I have an art set of

I have an art set of Micron's like that... I just have a hard time using art pens for non-artsy purposes >.< Maybe I should get a second set :D

Do you use black?

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pens - ah wonderful pens

Well, it's obvious that you need a second set to use for non-art purposes :) I have some of the Micron pens with colors that I use. I prefer (as pens) the Staedtler drawing pens, but I've only found them in black. And I like these Copics even more, but I know they're only made in black. I use different colored index cards for different purposes, so I'm cool with having only black ink. Although, now that you mention it.....:)