Lurker reveals himself...

I've been basically lurking here for a long time, and finally wanted to officially say hello. I am an attorney and musician, so I need a lot of diy organization. The system I use, and other folks around me now use, is based on the Levenger Circa system. I have a letter size Circa zip folia. My office requires me to use Outlook, though I hate it. But I have learned to live with it. I print out a weekly calendar which I punch into the Circa so it sits on the left side. I have special todo pages which go on the right; that way I never have to re-write anything. All lists and whatever information I need go in the Circa under various tabs. (I use various forms from here such as contact forms and the like.) I review these things often and file what I don't need to carry with me. It is an easy and flexible system, and I get to use my favorite fountain pen (a Namiki vanishing point)! I appreciate all the information I've gotten from the folks here and think this is one of the better online communities I've seen. Thank you all.

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welcome :o)

Its great to have you out of lurkdom :D Sounds like your system works well for you... do you incorporate music stuff too?

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Thanks-I do incorporate music stuff

both in the sense of contact and the business side, and some sketching out of musical ideas that I do on music paper I have printed and punched.

I forgot to mention, I also use 3 x 5 cards that I carry with me for quick notes that can either be transcribed or punched into the Circa.


Welcome! :)

Welcome! :)