Need a Friend for Cardstock

While I love the way my Uniball Signo 207 writes on Moleskine paper, it skips a lot on cardstock. I have had the same problems with Uniball Micro Vision pens. I'll be writing someone a thank you card, and then the pen ceases to function.

I'm looking for an inexpensive, yet nice, ballpoint substitute to carry with my Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase.

Any ideas? The only stipulations are that I don't want a ballpoint pen, and I don't want to have to order it on-line.

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I had trouble with some globbing from my Signos. Haven't had that problem with my G2.

I don't write on cardstock much anymore, so I don't have a whole lot of input on that score.



Does the G2 come in a fine point?


Fine point


Mine says "Pilot G-2 05" on the clip, and it writes a nice fine line. I have a Pilot Knight fountain pen (only comes in one tip width I think), and it bugs me because it's a much wider line than the G-2.

The pilot web site says the G2 even comes in Extra Fine. :)
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When I buy mechanical pencils, I buy .5mm, not the .7. Nasty thick lines, bleh. :)


Extra Fine

Be careful, the 05 is the extra fine, the 07 refill is defined as "Fine".

But it's not.

Would these be what you wish

Would these be what you wish for?

Just ordered a few myself so can't tell you much about them yet.

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Papermate "Flairs" are felt

Papermate "Flairs" are felt tip pens and write on anything... I use 'em to brighten up what I write lately... ooooo pretty colors... oooo... ;P Beats just plain ol black n blue BUT they have those too if you need 'em.

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What Happens If...

...I forget to put the cap back on?


Hope you're wearing a dark shirt

Don't leave the cap off. :-D

I of course have to chime in and say "vanishing point fountain pen!" if only for the coolness factor and because I don't have one yet and am envious of those that do.

Sounds like a paper quality or coating issue: have you tried various options like writing on the back of the stock, or even abrading some of the sizing off with fine-grit sandpaper? (Just as a test.)

I have some Post-it style pads that utterly refuse to take ink from any pen except a Sharpie marker (not very useful!) I would look into other cards first.

I leave the cap off while

I leave the cap off while I'm working on jobs... well setting up printing jobs... and so far so good. not sure if a capless overnight would hurt it...

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Extra-fine point Sharpie?

The one with the fine fiber tip. It would write well on almost any surface, and I think you can get them in colors. Well, at least black, blue and red. :-)

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