I'm in trouble :)

It's happening again! I'm one week into trying to organize my life with a planner and jotter/hPDA and I'm already looking to buy more stuff I don't need. I'm the king of overkill. I'm trying to simplify things.

I bought a nice DayPlanner in the classic size and gutted it to accomodate my printed out templates. Now I'm not sure about the size. I bought a slim version because I wanted larger pages but I didn't want to cart around an encyclopedia.

I read stuff about the Circa and now I'm thinking about getting it.

I read about using a Palm in conjunction with the DIY and was just on ebay looking for one.

This site is evil ;)


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Another body in the

Another body in the collective!!


One of us! One of us! :)

I actually came to the site

I actually came to the site a few months ago and printed out the hpda. I'm just now getting around to using it. I just can't figure out what I need. I'm probably going to use the DayPlanner as a base, it's the capture stage that has me stumpted. I've tried everything from index cards clipped together to expensive pda's (years ago). I need something simple and small. I don't use the planner at all for work, it's strictly for personal use. Finances, appointments, lists, to-dos, etc is all I need. My issue with the hpda is that I don't need 95% of the templates. I get by with the blank set of cards but I would like something more but not too much.

I'm just plain confused.


I tried

I tried the templates too but most didn't fit into my life...

My solution was grab a stack of 3x5s and see what you record in the course of a week... then you will see what kind of templates you will use. (I just created my own headings and such to see what was needed).

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That's where I think I'm

That's where I think I'm headed Sara. I just started playing with my old Palm (IBM c505). It's case perfectly hold my clipped stack of cards. This may be a nice solution for the Capturing of info.

Still looking at newer Palms and nice paper solutions...


pigpog pda

Check out the pigpog pda idea at www.pigpog.com. If what you're really looking for is a capture tool, this is a great idea. They suggest using a Moleskine, but I'm using a Rhodia notebook and that's been working out really well.

Pigpog cheapster url


That's the direct link. And I use the Pocketmod version in my Palm Tungsten T case, and it works great in conjunction with my Palm. My Pocketmod has a couple contact pages, finance pages and note pages. Between those three forms, I'm covered.

Sometimes too much structure is not good, and it sounds like you need less structure. :-)


I may go down Jon's road and

I may go down Jon's road and combine a PDA with a hPDA. I'll probably buy the Palm Tungsten E2. Are there any good examples of these combined? Within the same case? I'd prefer to use the index cards over a PocketMod style thing because I can file those cards easily.



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Not so much, this site is insidious:

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Good luck!!

Are there any other cases

Are there any other cases like Levenger's universal pda case? I'm balking at the price. I'd like a case that could hold some index cards. I've got a Tungsten E2 on order.



PDA case

I have the Levenger's Universal PDA Case. I don't use mine right now, because of two factors:

1) I have to zip and unzip all the time. (The Armor metal case I have opens much faster.)

2) I don't really like the index card setup. It's okay for jotting notes on, but it's really hard to get cards in and out quickly. Even pulling cards out of the back pocket is annoying.

So while it's very pretty, and the leather is very soft, I've switched to my armor case and a small Moleskine-style reporter notebook. Together they take up less room in my pocket, and they're easier for quick access to info.

(Now, if I could find an armor case with a small notebook on the left -- that would rock. Maybe I can hack mine...)

what? -- another 3X5 card option?

If you need yet one more place to wander, go check out myndology.com and their disc-bound 3x5 card options. I have been pleasantly happy with their products. (And, for the record: I pay them, they don't pay me.)

There have been several discussion in forum on myndology v circa, et.al.

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