Filofax or Circa?

Well the Filofax came today! I'm not sure I absolutely love it, but I'm thinking that I just need to break it in. Here is the link to it.

Things I like about it:
Personal size
TWO pen loops--love this
full size pocket on the back--love this!

Things I'm not crazy about:
It is stiff, and doesn't lie flat--this bugs me, but I've heard this about other newer you have to break them in?
The rings are 7/8" instead of 1"
The way the leather is, it scratches pretty easily. This might not be so bad actually, because one of the things I LOVE about the older filofaxes is the way they look worn. I read one review of this that b/c it had a waxy leather finish, the scratches "rub" out. That seems pretty true actually.
The business card holder in back was completely wrinkled, and there was a price sticker on the clear cover page. I do not love stickers.

This was on sale for $45, and it is normally $75, so that seems like a pretty good deal.

The way this leather is, it might actually look better for it to be distressed which might be a good thing for me as I tend to be anal about such things.

What do you all think? I haven't written in it yet, just in case I want to return it. Many times, I am slow to love my new toys. This happened w/ cell phone. I wanted to take it back initially, and now i love it, so I do know myself to be fickle.

On the other hand, I have read about the deep love many folks have for the Circa system. Levenger has one on sale right now for a terrific price of $39.95. You can see it:|Level=2-3|pageid=4475|Link=Img

Plus, if by ordering the punch, and increasing the sale, I could use a coupon code to get an additional $15 off. At this point, only red was available, but I like red, so I wasn't upset by that.

It seems as though the size of the Circa will be easier for DIY printing. What do you all think? Are there any accessories I need to put on my wishlist? At this point, I am totally broke (and feeling foolish). No affiliation with either company. So far, my experience with Daily Planner was great. I ordered on Tuesday, and received it today, with free shipping.

Thanks much!

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Objective opions???

Here??? Not likely! However, honest opinions--that's a different story! ;-)

Personally, I'm _very_ happy with the leather quality and workmanship of my Levenger Jr. Office folio. It's beautiful, has that wonderful leather fragrance, and lies flat. ;-)

As to the Circa stuff--well, once you start, I think you will find it hard to stop--playing, that is. ;-) But seriously, the true beauty of Circa/Rollabind is how easy it is to rearrange and move things around. It's what I always wanted from my ring binders, but never was able to achieve practically. However, if you haven't been there--it's a hard call. ;-) Maybe just getting the $8 starter Circa pack, and playing with it for a few days will give you what you need to know. Also, you might consider getting one of the open, fold-over Circa binders if you go that route. They don't zip close, but I notice that the ones you are looking at don't zip closed either. The advantage of the flip back versions is that they can maintain a very small footprint in use, as well as make it easier to write while standing--something difficult to do with a wide-open notebook--just something to think about. I love my Folio, but the fold-over option would be nice. :-)
(and trust me, once you start using that--it's hard to give it up!)


I am getting the impression

I am getting the impression that there are some die hard circa fans here. I don't have the Circa system yet, only the Filofax. My next question is, "Why couldn't you do the same thing w/ the Filofax by cutting a small slit where the hole punch is?" I tried it, and it works well. What am I missing?


You are missing...

That light and empty feeling in your wallet.

Not sure about *that* feeling

Being a filoFAX user currently who is also experimenting with Circa (well okay so Rollabind) my wallet is no lighter with either. Start up costs for filoFAX are huge (binder, plus punch) then there's the update cost for annual updates, which are not cheap. Start up costs for Rollabind are also huge (though with a hat tip to Jon Glass here) there are some economies to be had. I reckon that the start up costs for both are about equal and so the lightness of my wallet is similar after buying into both schemes.

Whereas the light feeling of carrying around Rollabind stuff is better than the heavy feeling of carrying around a (full filoFAX binder).

Some things to consider

What you are suggesting is not a bad thing, and may be a good compromies. However, for me, the thought of cuting slits in potentially hundreds of sheets of paper--3-7 holes per page--that would get a bit tedious after a while, methingks. Wheras, with a Rollabind or Circa punch, you can punch the many holes all at once through seven sheets of paper--much faster. Beyond that, the disc system really is made for both conveniently holding, and releasing the paper. the "zip" to pull the paper off is just convenient.

One other advantage--of the top of my head--is that with Circa notebooks and Rollabind, you have the flip-back and over covers. I never considered that as a benefit until I started using the system, but now, I've very much in love with this feature. a 3-ring or Filofax/Dayrunner/DayTimer binder could never hope to duplicate this feature.

I think that those those two right there are the biggest reasons for me.



I drool over a lot of planner binders, as I've said elsewhere, but the foldover feature for Circa makes my life so much easier -- especially now that I'm taking tons of notes for school. (Try juggling a letter-size open binder on a teeny American school desk and you'll see why I love foldovers!)

I suggest getting one of the Circa or Rollabind notebooks and trying it out before investing in an expensive cover. (Unless, of course, you get a good sale.) You can order index-tabbed dividers and slash pockets (my two favorite Circa accessories) from both Levenger or Rollabind.

However you decide, I hope you enjoy the system you end up with!

Oh make no mistake, my

Oh make no mistake, my wallet is way light. As I said in my first post, I have purchased BOTH systems, it is just that Circa isn't here yet! So, I'm no brainiac for sure, I was just wondering out loud. The slits in the filofax for me are for those slips of paper that are meant to be temporary. I keep the calendar holes firm, and only slit the pages that are TO DO lists, etc. The other issue for me, is that while I DID order the Circa punch, I did NOT order the filofax punch, so that may push Circa ahead. I read somewhere that the Filofax personal punch isn't great, so now I've been on the prowl for a good alternative (and cheap hopefully). Any ideas there?

Thanks so much for posting, and I would love to hear how you are using your systems.


The FiloFAX punch is not so great

The FiloFAX punch is not so great. It's expensive, and it only punches two sheets at a time. I also have problems with punching all the holes in one go.The two bottom ones will not perforate. I have the desk top model for the pocket sized FiloFAX.
After visiting all FiloFAX dealers on vacation in Gothenburg and buying my punch, I realised I could have gotten a cheaper one from from my office supplies store here at home. The Norwegian planner from "Grieg" carries a better punch at half the price, AND it's adjustable to all planner sizes they carry, and is compatible with the FiloFAX; Mini, Pocket, Personal and A5.



The FiloFAX punch is not so great. It's expensive, and it only punches two sheets at a time.

I have the A5 desk punch. I originally bought the portable one and yes you're right it doesn't do many sheets at a time; think I only ever tried singles. But the desk punch has saved me real money. A 25 sheet refill of blank paper can cost about £2 (US $4) at the moment. About the same as 500 sheets of A4 paper, which I guillotine to A5 and then punch. So I have 1,000 sheets of A5 paper. My desk punch I purchased duty-free shop in the departure lounge Heathrow maybe 10 years ago.

I like the idea of an adjustable punch. My wife has an unused personal binder, which a punch that worked for both of us might get to be re-used.

Pretty everything from filoFAX is expensive. But that's pretty much true of all the commerical planner systems. I currently use the filoFAX A5 sized time managment annual update sets and may continue to do so even though D*I*Y Planner is much cheaper because filoFAX forms are very much less intrusive (no heavy rules, no black fonts). If I could have the D*I*Y forms with the delicacy of filoFAX I'd switch yesterday. (Or I do what I've always thought of doing and designing my own forms. Now that Dougj has shown the way I'm thinking about similar delicately visual forms for 2008 that give me the layout I want.)

Print in tinted

If I could have the D*I*Y forms with the delicacy of filoFAX I'd switch yesterday. (Or I do what I've always thought of doing and designing my own forms.

If you have a color inkjet, use the advanced options, and print tinted.

I got the idea from Rasmussan, but here's an example from my own printing: PICTURE ON FLICKR

Personally, I think it really works well. I prefer the greenish tint. ;-)


Meares-Irlen maybe

Thanks Jon. Yes that might help. Part of the problem is my dyslexia. I've not been assessed for Meares-Irlen Syndrome so the choice of colours would be hit and miss.

However, my major problem with the D*I*Y Planner forms is still apparent even in your tinted examples --- the heavy thick rule at the top of each page. Just too intrusive for me to use the forms as they are on a regular basis.

No, not the portable one

But mine is for the pocket FiloFAX and is quite small and fells fragile even if it's made of metal.

The adjustable punch from Grieg costs app 18,50 Euros, while I paid 27 Euros for the FiloFax punch. That's what's currently keeping me from upgrading til A5. The pocket model was fine when in school, but now, kid and job and husband without his own planner... It's getting cramped.

You find the punch at, but the page is in Norwegian only, and the only link I find is the main page.

Tack så mycket

Thanks for the web address. No problem with the Norwegian. My Swedish helped me find the "hullmaskin". I'll read the rest of the site to see whether they'll ship to the UK. Otherwise I can ask one of my Swedish friends to buy me one and post it on. (But like the little pi symbol Sandra Bullock spies in The Net there is a union flag in the bottom of the page --- for English ;-) so I won't have to struggle too much with the translation. )

Which do you like more?

Do you prefer the filofax or a notebook style organiser?

What do you all think?
On the other hand, I have read about the deep love many folks have for the Circa system.

It's your planner, so what's important is what you like, prefer and can afford.

If you prefer an organiser-binder that you can personalise but don't have to spend too much time personalising, then the filofax could be for you.

If you prefer to create your own notebooks/binders and give them your own artistic touch then Circa could be for you.

Frankly, holepunching DIYPlanner pages for a filofax wouldn't be a hassle. Print shops will happily cut and drill your preprinted paper for you for a small fee.

Filofax it is

I have both filofax and circa organizer and i think filofax A5 is the better one. The pages in the circa does not move smoothly. i printed the calendar from outlook and punched it using the Circa punch but was not satisfied by the end result. I did not go for the junior but the letter sized Circa.