Weekly Time Map for Routines

This is a simple spreadsheet to track routines. The template is for 6am-11pm for 7 day weeks starting Monday.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Use this is track routines such as Communtes or Work Schedules and broad catigories of tasks such as "Errands or Household".

A sample is included with the Open Office version. Downloading the spreadsheet is stongly reccomened since the cells are too small to write in easily. The spreadsheet uses the BlueHighway fonts that are use in the Widget Kits.

Color coding of types of tasks is a good idea. To color code select the cell or cells, right click, select "format cells", choose the background tab, select your fill color.

*The only restictions on the use of this template are any that might be attached to the font.

Applications required: 
PDF Reader or Open Office 2.0 Calc
Time Map.pdf8.77 KB
Time Map.zip11.39 KB
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