Circa-fied Sermon

This past Sunday, I preached at our church, which I do on occasion. Typically, I write out a manuscript in my Lee Valley LogBook, then build an outline in OpenOffice. I've been printing it out, usually at about 18pt Palatino Linotype. Usually, it's about 12-15 pages.

Well, last week, I had the idea of using a classic-sized circa book. SO, using the built-in booklet function of my HP, printed, cut and punched. Cut up a manilla folder for the cover. Printed this at 14pt Palatino. It was readable, a bit tougher than usual. But printed onto 4 pages of paper, and was much easier to handle than loose sheets. Saving paper, ease of use. WOnderful!

w/a six-month old helper

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good job

Sounds good. Why did you use a smaller font? If 18pt is comfortable for you, why not keep using it?
Assuming you keep using this method, will you file each sermon separately or archive on larger rings?

re: good job

I went with a smaller font on estimate. Looking and comparing a sample print, I felt the smaller would work fine with my eyes, and use less paper in printing. Worked fine. I may bump it up a bit, but not sure.

As for filing, yes. I'm pondering using the poly-folder/circa hack to build overlapping outlines of sermons. Figuring 11 for a folder, 8 on a classic, you've got 3 rings separate, good for thumbing through.

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Yeaaaaaa !!
NI !
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