Filofax bargain

I've recently taken advantage of a great bargain at the Australian equivalent of Office Depot (Officeworks - not sure whether it's around anywhere else bar Aust...)

They've got a small selection of Filofaxes - generally pocket & personal sized and usually only 3 or 4 models.

I had been making periodic checks of the display, more to satisfy my own curiosity than for any specific reason. I had come across DIY planner some time ago and had tried a couple of different things. The Hipster took my fancy for a while, at least until I tried to take notes about a conversation we were having in the car on the way back from a conference - too messy.

Anyway, on this one occasion, something caught my eye among the highly priced Filofax range...

A black personal sized City (bonded leather) for $25AUD. What the???

I took it up to the cashier to query it. She scanned it and came back with... $20AUD!!

Needless to say I purchased it immediately.

RRP for the Filofax City was $99AUD, which translates (according to some online currency exchange site) to $82USD or 41GBP.

I suppose that this is a big, roundabout way of saying: if you're in Australia and looking for a personal edition Filofax, there's the potential for a HUGE bargain at Officeworks


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Great Bargain

Congratulations on your find.
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