Best Place to Buy?

What is the best (read: most reasonably priced) place to get this book? I heard it recommended elsewhere and added it to my "eventual" wish list, then came across this site and started reading and now I'm convinced I need to read it. :) (Can't even check it out from the library first; they don't have it. :( )

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Awww that really stinks that

Awww that really stinks that your library system doesnt have it :( You could ask them to pick up a copy for you (not sure how friendly your local system is).

I would think a second hand book store would be a good place to look. Perhaps online at Ebay or too.

Good luck in your quest... I have read it and got quite a lot out of it - more than I thought I would :D

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Try this...


I do not recall how I found BestWebBuys, but I use them a lot.
You can feed it an ISBN, author, title, whatever.

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I found my copy at Half Price Books which is a regular haunt for me (my local independent used dealer didn't have a copy.) I'd just go with Amazon or another online dealer if you can't get it local for a good price.

Thanks. :)

Thanks; checking both posted links. :)

Hmmm...the BestBookBuys site listed Wal-Mart. I didn't even think to check Wal-Mart.

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Used or ILL

If you don't mind used, the booksite I always go to first is:

Used book search at AddAll

They search other used book sites including Amazon and Alibris, so I get a fairly comprehensive search in one go.

On the other hand, if you can wait and your library system offers Inter Library Loan, you can request it and have your library system borrow it for you from another system that does have it.

Used is fine.

I buy tons of books (perhaps even literally! lol) used, but this one is tough to find - I guess no one wants to get rid of it! :) Our library system is very small, and I've had very little success with ILL here. :( (They are usually just unable to get the books.) I ordered it last night from, though. It was less there new than used on Amazon.

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Got it. ;)

Yay! My copy of GTD arrived this week. It looks terrific. It did, however, arrive about two days after my newborn daughter, so I don't know how much I'll be getting done in the near future! lol

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Congratulations!!! (oh and

Congratulations!!! (oh and its great your book arrived too) :D

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Congrats on the Baby!

and I bet the book will come in handy in a few weeks, once life settles into an unreasonable fascimile of a routine. ;-)


In a few weeks!?

In a few weeks?! How about a few years?

I'm Reading...

I've been reading it and underlining, and am looking forward to being able to get started with it. It's incredible stuff - the "missing piece" of "time management"! None of the time management stuff I've ever read has given me a good idea of how to really, practically apply it to my daily scheduling, etc. This is wonderful!

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Congratulations on the baby!!!

Congratulations on the baby!!!

I have read a number of Time Management books recently and I did like GTD but I would also recommend "The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore if you need something more. Especially if you have trouble with the "mind like water" and "flow" concepts.

While I think most people can appreciate these concepts in theory it is difficult to implement them in practice unless they come naturally. Then you are left with trying to plod through the GTD system in a rigid connect the dot fashion. I imagine some people sort of "fake it til they make it" but I think everyone else just keeps noodling away at their "system" until they either give up or until maintaining the system becomes a black hole that consumes an inordinate amount of their time.

For some people part of that is picking the right organizer, binder, paper, forms, etc. It becomes an endless quest to find the right combination of these factors to properly implement GTD. At the end of the day the question is whether your system is serving you or whether you are serving your system.

While David Allen talks a lot about "flow", Neil Fiore actually spends one or two chapters on Relaxation and Focusing techniques, which I think facillitates the flow state for those that don't come by it naturally.


Thanks. I'll add that to my reading list. So far, though, the GTD model is making a LOT of sense to me. Although it probably should have been obvious, something that has revolutionized my thinking already is his pointing out that a lot of the things on a typical to-do list aren't really actions. Well, duh. Now that I recognize that, it's a lot easier to figure out why certain things keep getting pushed back instead of getting done. ;) Just jotting down that I need to look up a phone number instead of jotting down the note to myself to make the related phone call has been huge. (And I haven't even "collected" all of my stuff yet - just what was immediately in my head.)

(I also realized that this is something I've struggled with my whole life. I've always gotten very easily overwhelmed with a large cleaning task - it's because I couldn't just subconsciously "know" the next action, and didn't know to look for it consciously. I'm excited about getting to teach this concept to my daughter in the near future. :) )

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><