To whom ever posted the russell and hazel website----

I am not happy with you! I have successfully resisted temptation against Levenger, Circa and all of it's affiliates.... but this stuff is gorgeous! and expensive! I thought I just came up with a planner that was working well, with a cute binder and diy pages. Now I see all this stuff in fun colors and designs that I can't afford. **sigh** too bad they don't have a mail catalog, it's so much better to flip through pages.

LOL i'm not really mad :) I just finally found a system that matches my colors. and i can't afford it.

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: o

My interest and curiousity has been sparked... link please :D

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I don't know how to do the link thing that you guys all do. Here is the address:

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Thank you kindly :D my

Thank you kindly :D

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thank you!

thank you!

R&H does have a catalog

If you go to the contact us page on their site, it says you can send them an email and request a mail catalog. They also have a PDF of the catalog online that you could print out. Not that I'm trying to add a new potential addiction to anyone's list... ;o)


I just found the online pdf

I just found the online pdf and may have to request a real one. I like having the paper in front of me :) That's ok, add to my addition... i can always look and pine away LOL


I love getting Levenger catalogs... I will have to get one of these too... I love looking at things that I can't afford. Gives me inspiration to succeed :D

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I get the Levenger too but

I get the Levenger too but it's stuff is a little too formal for me. So as much as I like their choices, it's not too hard to resist. I need pinks, greens and pictures to be happy. They are great at getting ideas though.

I just looked through the

I just looked through the PDF catalog... their stuff is FUN~! I really like it.

Levengers is a lil too formal but the grapemist and celery colors really appeal to me :o) So many of their things have potential. Now I'll have two catalogs to drool over :D

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