WTB: Rollabind covers (from Staples?)

Staples still hasn't come out with new Rollabind notebooks, and the thin plastic covers on my two main notebooks doesn't hold up well in my bags. Grrrr.

Anyone have a letter-size and/or classic-size notebook they'd been willing to part with? Staples, Jotz, or even Levenger (I wish) are all good. I desperately need sturdy covers, but can't afford new Levenger stuff.


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Do you have the punch?

Do you have the punch? If so, nearly anything that'll fit and can be cut will work. If you don't have the punch, the only thing I can suggest is to buy just the covers from Levenger. A set of two of the plastic letter-sized covers is $10. Have you checked the Levenger outlet on ebay? They've had some leather scuffers and some monogramed ones that seem to go pretty cheaply. (More than the plastic ones, though.)


The prices on eBay still seem awfully high.... :( I do watch the auctions though.

The Levenger covers are too floppy. Basically any cover I can make with my punch is too floppy, because I can't put great thick pieces of material in my punch. Thus the need for something pre-made.

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Ah, ok. They hold up very

Ah, ok. They hold up very well in my tote, which is why I mentioned them. Good luck finding what you are looking for. :)


I must beat the heck out of my notebooks, then... :)

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levenger covers

"The Levenger covers are too floppy." -caligatia

uh oh. i just ordered levenger covers today, on the advice of people who said they're not too floppy -- specifically, that i could use them while writing with the notebook on my lap and they'd stay sturdy enough. are you saying they're actually not good for that purpose?

i think you

I think you will be happy with them...

If you fold it over you will basically have two covers supporting the pages you are writing on. I have some levenger products and mine work fine in this manner as I rarely sit at a proper desk here at home :)

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I think you will be happy

I think you will be happy with them...

If you fold it over you will basically have two covers supporting the pages you are writing on. I have some levenger products and mine work fine in this manner as I rarely sit at a proper desk here at home :)

Thanks! I hope you're right -- I'm so looking forward to getting them I'll be really disappointed if they're not what I need . . .

I don't forsee any

I don't forsee any disappointment. However, in the very slim odd chance that it is not sturdy enough for you, consider getting a piece of cardboard and just slipping it in before the back cover. I've done this with spiral notebooks in college to help during my 3 hour lecture class where we had to stand :D It worked wonders :) But like I said, I don't forsee you having this problem.

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If you had to stand for 3 hours during a lecture, stiffening your notebook was probably the least of your problems. Where'd you go to college -- West Point?


Some days it felt like it... luckily it wasn't like that the entire semester. I had one crazy art teacher who enjoyed standing and thought the rest of us would too. It took a lil while until a bunch of us got brave and just sat down. (I can't remember how many days we stood but it HURT). we also insisted on breaks - those helped... hehe.

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I did this just this week

Writing in my Levenger with just the plastic covers on my lap.. no problems. I did it both open, and folded over, and didn't think the books were too floppy at all. I didn't even think about it, in fact. Maybe if I were standing, but I somehow doubt that as well...


What about multiple sheets glued together?

Has anyone tried making covers by gluing together multiple thinner smurfed pages? I had an idea about doing this with cardstock -- punching the sheets of cardstock, then gluing them together into a stiffer layered cover.

Alternately, you could punch a thing layer of (something) and then fasten it to a solid unpunched layer of (something else.) There was some talk on here about making a Circa-friendly clipboard, and at least one of the ideas was to punch some pastic, and then glue that to the side of the clipboard.


Just made notes on doing this yesterday! great minds think alike eh?

I'll try to get some glued up today and let you know how it works :)

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Great minds?

Either great minds, or we're on the same medications. ;-)

The Very Crafty could even cut or punch designs into the first layer of cover material, letting other layer(s) show through.

: O

Omgosh stop copying my "to do" list ... '

LMAO... I printed some pretty covers here at work one day (random patterns for color testing etc) ... can't wait to see how it all comes together.

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DIY Circa/Rollabind covers

The Staples Rollabind fabric notebooks seemed to be some sort of cardboard with fabric over it, while the faux leather ones were faux leather over plastic. Plastic isn't quite as solid as a cover material, but cardboard doesn't take kindly to being moved onto different rings... I assume multiple sheets of cardstock glued together might have the same issue? It's worth a try anyway.

So far the best thing I've found for a DIY cover is some old Mead brand "Five Star" 3 subject notebooks I had laying around. The front cover is a thin plastic cover seems to be about as heavy and as flexible as the Circa covers from Levenger. Sadly, none of them are translucent. I chopped up one cover to make a 4x6 index card Circa notebook. I'm pretty sure these notebooks are still available at most office supply stores and just about any store that has a school supply section. I believe the 1 subject version was about $1 a piece a Staples.


Funny you should ask...

I have some covers I have been meaning to post for sale.

What I have is Rollabind cover material
23 gauge plastic
frosty clear or black
smurfed or unsmurfed.
8 5/8 by 11 1/16 inches

This cover material is still somewhat "floppy" as Caligatia mentions, but it is great stuff.

I figure to sell it for $1 each.

Let me find out what this stuff costs to ship and I'll post a new "For Sale" in the Bazaar.

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I found some of the

I found some of the plastic-ish folders at the local Big Lots... they hold up to quite a lot of abuse in my bag... I converted one to a circa/rolla notebook cover. it even has pockets...

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rollabind in at Staples

hey guys - i just went to my local staples store and the new rollabind product is there! I asked a major and he said it's just rolling in now. So if it's not in your local store yet, check back in a week or two. Good luck!

what's new?

So what's different about the new Rollabind product that Staples carries? Inquiring minds want to know.


Oh Kenny ... Darling...

Oh Kenny ... Darling... Dear... :D

I just may need to ask you to do some Staples shopping for me in the near future

*lmao* I'm horrible, arent I?

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How is the new rollabind

How is the new rollabind product at Staples? I did an online inquiry with Staples and they replied and said my local store had their product on clearance and has sold out of the Rolla product. It stated they didn't think they would be getting any additional product in the near future??? I'd love it if they would come back with a new and improved rolla line for Staples.

rollabind "temporarily out of stock" in Columbus

I took a detour on the way home earlier this week. The Staples near work had a couple letter size and a couple junior size refills - it looks like the old stuff, but at the regular price, not clearance. There were signs that said "Temporarily out of stock" that said fabric and faux leather letter and junior size notebooks. One also said 3 pack of tabbed dividers. I think that was everything. I had to get going and didn't have time to ask if they were getting new stock any time soon. I'm going to try calling next week at the Staples near work and the one near home to find out if they have any.

I really hope they do have them soon... All my Levenger covers are in use and my Rollabind notebooks are all full! I do have extra discs. I may have to hit Staples and get something that can be a DIY cover.


New Rollabind

I went by the Staples in Portland, Maine, and they had the new Rollabind stuff out. They had 2 different letter size notebooks, one is pseudo leather in black, and the other is sort of a red and black canvas. I wasn't ultra impressed honestly. These are brand new, and the silver on the rings looked like it was flaking off. The covers themselves seemed nice though. The junior size had the canvas notebook. It was beige & black, and these were branded with Staples brand. They had a few dividers and various refills.

I was quite proud of myself that I did not buy anything (just to compare). I think this would be a fine way to introduce yourself to Rolla/Circa, but I did not see a punch. To me, that is the heart of the Circa/Rolla system, especially from a DIY planner perspective.

Just my .02

sounds about the same

This sounds like Staples just re-released the same product with their branding on it from what you're saying. That is odd, because when I was there the labels on the shelf said Rollabind was the brand and they still had Rollabind branded refills. Yes, it is sad they don't carry the punch because without the punch, the system really doesn't seem that much better than any other refillable notebook.


new Staples Rollabind product

I went to Staples today to return the 4-in-1 pen I wasn't happy with and decided to check to see if they have the new Rollabind products yet. They had the refill pages and a couple of the fabric notebooks. They had a light tan and a dark forest green. I was tempted to buy the forest green one but I was stopped for two reasons:

-I don't like the fabric covers much at all. The fabric has a weird feel to it and is over some kind of cardboard that doesn't take too well to being moved around. It is easy to mess up the covers if you move them onto a different set of rings.

-The rings on this have the brand imprinted on the flat part of the ring. I'm not sure if that would interfere with the pages or not.

As far as I can tell, the only difference is the new Staples stuff and the old is the new stuff is branded as "Staples Rolla" instead of Rollabind and they are available in a couple new colors. I hope the faux leather is available in new colors too.


Lettering on the discs

I haven't seen the Staples-branded ones yet -- still "Out of Stock" locally -- but some of the Rolla discs I purchased from MC2 have "Rollabind" and a patent number stamped into the flat part of the discs. It does not impede movement at all, as the letters and numbers are lower than the level of the disc surface (embossed? debossed?) Interestingly, only some of the discs are marked this way. The rest are featureless.

The (well-known) biggest hindrance to page-turning is the leftover nubbin along the disc edge from the molding process, which is easily ground down with a nail file.

Staples === Waste of time ?

Yea, my Staples has none also.
The tag says that I can order it online. == NOT ==
The magic numbers do not cause products to appear for us lowly customer types. You have to be a red-shirted employee (RSE) with an extra magic touch.
Well I cornered an RSE and asked for ordering information. After several keystrokes, he informs me that "the stuff is in the warehouse" and that this location is due to get something like 4 of each product.

I kinda doubt that this is Rollabind trying to increase demend by keeping suppy low. This sounds like typical idiot corporate practices on the part of Staples.

On a similar note, anyone seen the disc-bound notebooks reappear at Target yet ?
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Big box == waste, really

Wait, do you mean I can't waste time in Staples any more? :-)

I think Big-box retailers are generally a waste, with chain stores only slightly better. Sadly those of us that live and work in suburban habitats are (un)fairly limited in choice. I'd much rather give my business to a locally-owned-and-run stationery store: someone who would be able to put in a special order, and could offer advice beyond "I'll have someone check in the back."

There are times, though, when I really appreciate them -- being able to check out the Black 'n' Red notebook line in-person, for instance, or checking out their clearance section for stuff a "normal" stationer would not carry.

Since coming on board with the whole DIY philosophy, though, I will admit that I spend a lot less time browsing there, instead favoring the surgical-strike approach ("I just need gridded 3x5 cards and then I'm out.")


do you have any of those black n red notebooks? they are very tempting!

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I was steered in there direction by the folks at Fountain Pen Network because of their reported good paper quality, but like many on FPN, I don't like trying to write on the "hump" of a page or near the spine, and I like my notebooks to lay flat -- my handwriting is poor enough without notebook issues!

Hence the long, winding road here, and then to the Circa/Rolla bliss that I currently enjoy. :-D

EDITED to add: and I know that BnR's come in spiral-bound, too, but ick. I've never liked spiral-bound notebooks since having to wrestle them out of bags and get snagged on the wire ends when them come undone.

Funny you should ask...

I found Black and Red Notebooks in Staples catalog.

At my local Staples, they have both sizes -- Classic-ish and Letter -- in both hard cover bound and poly cover wire-bound. I need to go back and measure the pages. I see cannibalization possibilities. Yum-yum-yum >:D
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Waste Waste Waste

Wait, do you mean I can't waste time in Staples any more?

Sure. Go for it. Staples is great for generic papers and writing implements and supplies. But I believe it a waste to look for Rollabind type products there. Any I have found to date have been very low quality.
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And my opinion holds...

The Rolla(bind) notebooks finally appeared at my local Staples.

The bookboard covers looked OK, but did not move smoothly on the discs. They look great when new, but I have seen them after they have sat on the shelf for a time and then they look really scruffy.

The fake-leather covers look more usable, but the biggest grumble is that the filler paper is 8.25 inches tall. "Standard Classic" paper will fit inside the covers just barely, but the divider tabs are 1/4 inch shorter.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Checked mine this morning

...and no cover in sight, but the refills are back on the shelf. Looks like they're unpacking still, so I'll just have to wait to be disappointed. :-)

In the meanwhile, I've become a magpie at home and the office, yanking things out of the recycling bin for repurposing into DIY projects.

"You're not throwing that folder out, are you? That's perfectly serviceable tab material!"

"Don't toss those cover sheets -- I can cut them down, punch them, and make a nice scratch pad for you out of an old poly folder I found in my kids' room."

I'm not sure that this is healthy. At least I have to look somewhat presentable if I'm going to stalk around Staples seconds after they open.

In stock in NC


At my local staples, there were letter binders, junior binders, refills of ruled and to-do/project pages, and packages of dividers (3/pack in red/blue/yellow) available for sale.

The dividers were $3 for a package of 3 dividers. I was tempted, but the assorted colors turned me off. I'd rather have all blue than one of each color.

The covers of the fabric juniors were in much better condition than the stock they sold out of last year. These were flat (rather than badly warped). The colors were green, beige, and red. The faux leather (I saw only black) was only on the letter size, and it was soft. Some of the junior size had bright silver rings. Didn't notice any wear on them, but I expect that scuffing would take the surface finish off. They're 'metallized' which is sort of like plating. If there'd been a faux leather in the junior size with the bright metallic discs, I might have bought that one.

I thought they weren't bad, but they were deliberately cheaping out on some things. The pocket divider included in the notebook only has a pocket on one side, leaving the flip side rather useless. The notebook only comes with one tab. The style of the printed pages is pretty dull and very wide-spaced, making the pages rather inefficient (says the person who likes .20" lines). There didn't seem to be any unruled filler paper.

Anyway, the stuff was better than last year by virtue of being flat and new. Personally I wouldn't be too worried about moving the covers to new rings--I think they were one inch rings, which makes them sufficient to my purpose. I just wasn't wowed by the whole package. So I didn't buy anything.


And at last in California

Our local Staples finally had the Rolla notebooks in-stock, both the fabric covered (Classic and Letter size) and the faux-leather (Letter only, Classic is still "out of stock.") At last I've held disappointment in my hands! :-D

Seriously, I wasn't that blown away. It looks like they exclusively use the shiny-silver-coated rings, which are the sticky ones IIRC. The covers would not flip around easily without coaxing, and except for the "accessories" (a slim ruler/page lifter, some tabs, and a slash pocket) I wasn't really impressed. The colors were nice, but not enough to sway this thrifty DIYer.

I wish Staples had the

I wish Staples had the discs. :(

I found some rolla stuff at

I found some rolla stuff at my local Staples yesterday and finally took the plunge and bought some. It's actually a bit scary how excited I was. I picked up the junior sized notebook, some tabs, and a refill pack. I'm not sure how exactly this is going to fit into my system yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to figuring it out.

I'm already leaning heavily towards ordering a punch from Rollabind online. That seems like the key to making this really work.



Hey, are these anything like the dual planner set that Target sold last year? I still have those - black pseudoleather, silver rings. They're working pretty well for me.


I have the same set from Target. I use the Classic/Junior size alot. It is holding up great.

I got it for $4.99 on the clearance rack. It was the end of school supply season, last one they had.

A few months ago I found the Rolla books at Staples, and the quality of their faux leather was not as good as the Target product.

Don't hold your breath

I suspect Target has dropped Rollabind.
They are no longer listed at Rollabind.com as a retail source.

If anyone finds evidence to the contrary, I would love to hear about it.
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