Oh Circa My Circa!

Well, I guess I am another circa convert. My order from Levenger came today, and I am oh so broke, but happy! I would love to see ideas on how to set it up. I know Doug had some great articles about it, but I didn't see where he posted a follow up of his system.

I would love any ideas you all have on setting it up, and also, if you use color coding for anything? I am a mom with two boys and a husband to keep track of, so I was thinking of assigning us all a color. Any other ideas?

Love this group...and I'm more than a little addicted to it I'm afraid. I will post photos of my loot as soon as I figure it out.

Thanks! (I think!)

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Colour coding, how? For the

Colour coding, how? For the pages or the tabbed sections? Levenger offers tabbed dividers in all-white, or rainbow (used to be solids, but the last time I checked, only soft colours are available).

For me (and I've said this before and will say it again - altho in different words), the best part about Circa is the movability of the pages. I just have a whole stack of blanks at the front of my Circa planner, and write on the first blank page when I need to. Later, I will assign the pages to their respective tabbed sections.

I do write a key word or phrase at the top of the page, together with the date. But no colours. Altho having read your question here, I'm thinking one way to use colour is to add the colour to the page (maybe the top right corner) before "filing" to respective section. Then again, once filed, you won't need the colours to tell you the section, right?

One method

I could see color-coding calendar items with different pen colors, or maybe different highlighter colors. I'm planning to do that with my calendar, for different areas of my life (work, school, etc).

[ web site ]

I just posted some Flickr

I just posted some Flickr photos. I'm not sure how to add links, so I'll try just pasting it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16085142@N00/?saved=1

Regarding color coding...I was thinking of having a system where I make birthdays one color, appointments-another, and perhaps, specific things like cub scouts or quilt guild events another. I don't want to make it too complicated, but I thought it would be neat to see at a glance when thumbing through what is coming up via color. I did find some nifty colored pencils...Crayola twistable (no sharpening needed). These would provide a dry highlighter of sorts and would prevent my ink from smearing.




Hi, April,

Can you tag them for the DIYPlanner group on Flickr?

Hey there, that is a good

Hey there, that is a good idea. I tagged them diyplanner, but I'm not sure how to tag them w/ the group. I joined the group, but I'm wondering if it takes a while to take effect.


After joining the Flickr

After joining the Flickr DIYPlanner group, you can add your pictures to the group's photostream. Not sure if you can add them as a batch, but individually, you go to each picture's page, and click the "add to group" link just above the picture.

BTW, my apologies for getting the colour coding thing wrong. I thought you meant something specific to Circa.

Yes, I use colour coding for my calendar, too. I have yellow for public holidays, pink for planned holidays from work, blue for medical and emergency, etc.

No, I don't have other people in my family to colour code for.

Thanks so much for the info.

Thanks so much for the info. I just added them. I'm a new at Flickr, so I appreciate the help.

Re: the color coding...thanks for the input. That is the kind of info I'm looking for. thanks a lot. April

I color code, but more on a

I color code, but more on a macro than a micro scale. That means I have a color (orange) for my GTD stuff, and another color (green) for general writing related things. It's not a hard and fast rule or anything, but it does help me keep things separated and thus easier to find.

I actually did consider buying an orange iPod shuffle just so I could have a color-coded clip for my hPDA, but I stopped myself in time. A) I already have a shuffle, and B) I keep my cards in a nice little folder already. (Yes, sometimes I do scare myself. lol)

Thanks for tagging the Flickr pics. Very nice! Is the scrapbook paper under the plastic Circa cover? Or did you laminate it? Or both... or something else. I love some of the digital scrapbooking papers out there - and I don't even scrapbook. :)

You crack me up about the

You crack me up about the ipod. I'm a little afraid myself at how very excited I am about my new setup. I am now thinking about all things red! I need a new purse to carry my new red planner, and a new wallet, and and and. I'm very afraid of Levenger at this point. I can not believe how easily I spent a lot of money with no buyer's remorse (once it got here). That is not common for me. It is just SUCH nice quality, and I do believe I have finally found the system for me.

Regarding the scrapbook paper....it is pretty nifty. It is double sided, but the back of it is a solid bright color. I got it at Michaels for .59 each. All of the folders, covers and dividers cost about $3.50. I did not laminate them as they are very heavy in and of themselves, and I plan on being fickle about it at some point, and changing out when the mood strikes. The cover is under the Levenger plastic cover.

I haven't seen digital scrapbooking paper. I'm not much of a scrapbooker either, but I went to Michaels with planner in hand on a mission. Umm... maybe that is too much information ;)